One Nation's Steve Dickson resigns over strip club footage


One Nation senate candidate Steve Dickson has resigned after footage of him at a strip club in Washington DC was broadcast.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has accepted Senate candidate Steve Dickson's resignation after footage emerged of him groping dancers and making disparaging comments about a woman in a Washington DC strip club.

"Having watched A Current Affair last night, I am both shocked and disappointed at the vision I forced myself to watch," Ms Hanson said.

One Nation's Steve Dickson filmed in strip club
One Nation's Steve Dickson filmed in strip club

"For a number of people I spoke to after the program, they found a great level of discomfort to view secretly recorded footage.

"This video footage was covertly recorded in September 2018 by Al Jazeera in a United States strip club and involved Steve Dickson.

WATCH: Pauline Hanson says Dickson's actions cannot be ignored.
WATCH: Pauline Hanson says Dickson's actions cannot be ignored.

"Al Jazeera, which is funded by the Islamist Qatari government, have sat on this information and footage for over seven months, and conveniently gave the tapes to A Current Affair less than three weeks out from a federal election.

"If they had come to me months ago, when the event occurred, I would be taking the same action then as I am now.

"I have always spoken very highly of Steve Dickson, but the footage I saw last night cannot be ignored or condoned.

"I am both a mother of three boys and the only female leader of a political party in this country.

"I wouldn't tolerate my own children behaving this way towards women. And I cannot, and will not, condone my own candidates dealing with women in this fashion either.

Steve Dickson allegedly in the strip club.
Steve Dickson allegedly in the strip club.
A Current Affair

"I am aware that strip clubs are a perfectly legal business and that many men in this country have visited one, just like women hire strippers for hen's nights.

"But Steve's language and behaviour was unacceptable and does not meet my expectations, nor the greater public's expectation, of a person who is standing for public office.

"Steve Dickson yesterday offered his resignation from all positions within the party, which I have accepted.

It's reported that Mr Dickson's statement said that his wife is standing by him and he is "deeply remorseful for my disrespectful comments towards women".

"I found the footage difficult to watch as my words and actions under intoxication and in that environment, are not a true reflection of myself," Nine's Today Show said the statement said.

Mr Dickson was also caught saying "I've done more Asian than I know what to do with" and that strip clubs are better in the Philippines because women dance on top of the bars and "then take everything off", the footage recorded by Al Jazeera during an undercover investigation shows.

The recording was captured by an undercover journalist and was leaked to Nine's A Current Affair which broadcast the footage on Monday night.

Al Jazeera has said in a statement overnight that it had not run the footage in its report and condemns the "unauthorised use of its material."

Mr Dickson, who is married, also makes disparaging remarks about women.

It comes more than a month after the Al Jazeera investigation released footage from a meeting between Mr Dickson, Senator Hanson's chief of staff James Ashby and the National Rifle Association in Washington, DC in September 2018.

Queensland Senator and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (left), is watched by party official Steve Dickson, during a press conference in Brisbane, Thursday, March 28, 2019 (AAP)
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning.

In footage Mr Dickson is recorded as saying that with enough funding, One Nation would get the balance of power and have control over the government, to be able to weaken Australia's gun laws.

Senator Hanson stood by the men after the footage was aired and insisted Mr Dickson was a "family man".

"He's a good man and Steve Dickson would never ever want to water down the gun laws in Australia, the same as I won't," she said at the time.

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