Palmer candidate Tony Hanley mocks women and Muslims on social media


A United Australia candidate is in strife after making offensive remarks on social media.

Another federal election candidate is in hot water for racist and sexist remarks posted on social media, to an account linked to his name.

United Australia Party candidate Tony Hanley, who is running for the new seat of Bean in the ACT, called Saudi Arabians "tea towel heads" and described the children of taxi drivers as "future terrorists".

A Facebook post with profile name Tony Hanley
A Facebook post with profile name Tony Hanley

Mr Hanley also referred to women as "dykes" and "big fat fugly chicks" and made disparaging remarks about LGBTI+ people.

The posts were made on a since-deleted Facebook page under Mr Hanley's name.

Mr Hanley told the ABC his posts were "defendable" and pointed to his record of community work.

Mr Hanley's candidate profile on the UAP website says "Tony is sick and tired of the current crop of politicians pandering to self-interest groups and only thinking of themselves.

"He wants to put Australia first and make Australia great."

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