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People around the world are shocked by the extent of the Australian bushfires


As bushfires continue to rage across Australia, images showing just how large the fires are have shocked many social media users around the world.

Bushfires this year have already burnt the most land on record across NSW, and there are still three months left of the fire season. 

Five million hectares have been burnt nationwide in this bushfire season alone.

That’s an area greater than the country Wales.

It’s also a bigger area than Belgium and Luxembourg combined, and most of the size of Ireland.

These images showing just how enormous the fires are have shocked social media users around the world with some questioning why the fires haven't received more international coverage. 

Many social media users also drew attention to the fact that many of the areas that have been burnt over the bushfire season are among Australia's most highly populated regions.

One Twitter user, finesunflower, posted the various images to their page, which has received more than 12,000 re-tweets and 33,000 likes.

The user linked it to a Facebook post written by a different user, who posted the images and provided links to various fire relief funds.  

The page has so far received just over A$1,000 in donations for the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund. 

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