Renewable jobs creation up by a third

Job creation in the renewable energy sector is up by a third, the Australian Bureau of Statistics says.

Construction of wind and solar energy projects has helped create thousands of new jobs in the renewables sector in the last year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the one-third boost in renewable energy production jobs in 2016/17, compared to the year before, was driven mainly in Queensland, NSW and South Australia.

"While the proportion of energy from renewable sources remains relatively small, there is considerable interest in renewable energy activities and associated employment," environment statistics director Lauren Binns said.

There are now 14,820 full-time equivalent jobs in renewable energy production, an increase of 3680.

Almost half of renewable energy jobs come from rooftop solar.

Queensland saw the biggest jobs increase as a result of large-scale solar construction, while wind projects were responsible for job creation in NSW and South Australia.

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