Royal commission examines aged care

The royal commission into Australia's aged care sector comes amid a "rising torrent" of concern over safety and quality, the inquiry has been told.


* Based in Adelaide with first evidence taken from February 11

* Public hearings across the country with some private hearings

* Expected to hear directly from people currently receiving care

* First royal commission empowered to compel a person to give information or a statement in writing

* Already taken 300 public submissions and will consider another 5000 submitted to the federal health department

* Of the 1982 approved providers asked to provide information, only 83 have so far

* Former Federal Court judge Richard Tracey and former Medicare chief Lynelle Briggs selected as commissioners

* Interim report to the federal government due October 31, final report by April 30, 2020.

* Terms of reference require investigation of the extent of substandard care, including all forms of mistreatment and abuse, the causes of any systemic failures and any actions that should be taken in response.

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