Russian pianist plays music in landfill site in campaign against pollution


Getting the grand piano to the landfill was a challenge.

St Petersburg musician Pavel Andreev staged an unusual performance to draw attention to the problem of global pollution.

For a project called 'Breath of the Planet', the venue of the traditional concert hall was replaced with a landfill site in Russia's northern Leningrad region.

Mr Andreev spent six hours at the site surrounded by the stench of tonnes of garbage and cries of thousands of seagulls.
In a video clip posted on social media, Andreev played his own composition against the backdrop.

Andreev told Reuters said the idea for the project came to him while he played a grand piano on a drifting platform on a lake at Russia's famous Ruskeala natural park.

The grand piano is positioned for the performance.
The grand piano is positioned for the performance.

"I wanted speak about the beauty of nature from the opposite side," Andreev told Reuters.

He said he hopes to raise awareness of the use of garbage as a resource that could be transformed into clean energy or other recyclable materials.

Garbage disposal has become a widely discussed topic in Russia last year as the stench of landfills in the Moscow region caused continuous protests among the locals.

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