Same-sex marriage: AFL redesigns logo to support 'Yes' campaign


The AFL showed its support for marriage equality by changing its logo as Australians take part in the government's postal survey about whether same-sex marriage should be legalised.

The AFL logo at the sporting organisation’s Dockland headquarters in Melbourne showed a striking change on Wednesday morning with the word ‘Yes’ splashed across it.

"The AFL is committed to equality and diversity, and we support the rights of all Australians to live, work and play free from discrimination," the AFL posted on Twitter.

A follow up Tweet showed a video of the word 'Yes' emblazoned across a spinning football of the iconic Australian ball game.

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan expressed his support for marriage equality on Tuesday night.

"This is something that actually talks to a core value of ours, which is actual equality, that people, based on race, gender, sexuality, shouldn't be discriminated against," he told Fox Footy show AFL 360.

"We are a leader whether people like that or not. This is an issue that means a lot to many of our players, many of my employees and a lot of people in our community."

"I think our position is that we need to have a strong statement, even if that is only for our staff, but I think it is broader than that."

The AFL is the latest Australian sports organisation to support the 'Yes' campaign after the NRL did so earlier this week.

NRL immortal Andrew Johns posted to Instragram on Monday “2 boys from Cessnock will be voting yes”.

The Australian Rugby Union voiced its support last week. However Australian Rugby Union footballer Israel Folau issued a statement last week backing the No campaign.

"I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions. but personally, I will not support gay marriage," he wrote.

The 'No' campaign gained attention over the weekend when a Sky writer traced the words "Vote No" over Sydney following its national launch on Saturday evening, spearheaded by South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi. 

Same-sex marriage around the world
Same-sex marriage around the world

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