SBS appoints James Taylor as new managing director


SBS has appointed James Taylor as its new managing director, replacing Michael Ebeid.

SBS has appointed James Taylor as its new managing director, replacing Michael Ebeid who led the broadcaster from 2011 to July 2018.

Mr Taylor has been SBS’s acting managing director since 2 October, having served as the broadcaster's chief finance officer for five years.

SBS chairman Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO said Mr Taylor "sets a very high benchmark as a widely respected leader".

“The Board has great confidence in James’ skill and ability to be an inspiring leader of SBS, building on recent developments and successes to date, and empowering the organisation and its people to take SBS forward into the future," Mr Dellal said.

“Not only does James have a comprehensive and innate knowledge of SBS and its operations, he has developed a significant level of trust and rapport with its board, the executive team and employees throughout the organisation over the years. He has been a driving force and key collaborator across a range of projects which have seen SBS transform into the modern, innovative and efficient multiplatform broadcaster it is today."


On his appointment, Taylor said: “I’m incredibly proud to work at SBS, and privileged to be appointed as its managing director.

“With the continually changing face of modern Australia, and in a landscape of polarised views and debate, the value of an independent and trusted public broadcaster committed to helping Australians understand each other better, has never been more important," he said.

“SBS provides a distinctive and unparalleled offering for audiences. Working with the talented team, our focus for the future is for SBS to continue being an innovative and effective leader in championing the benefits of a more inclusive society, exploring multicultural and Indigenous stories otherwise untold, giving a voice to communities often unheard, and continuing to reinforce our value to all Australians.”

Mr Taylor’s appointment is for a term of five years, and comes into effect from 22 October.

Prior to SBS, Mr Taylor worked as the Director of Strategy Consulting at Deloitte, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at British Telecom and Director of Corporate Development at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Acting SBS Managing Director announced as new SBS MD
Acting SBS Managing Director announced as new SBS MD

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