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Sikh community slams Amazon's 'highly offensive' products

Sikhs have demanded Amazon remove the items from sale. Source: Supplied

Amazon is selling "anti-Sikh products", according to one group.

Members of the Sikh community in the US have slammed Amazon for selling "disrespectful" products, including toilet seats and bath mats, that feature one of their holiest sites and other iconography.

NGO United Sikhs issued a statement on Wednesday calling on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to "immediately remove" the products, which depict the Golden Temple and the Khanda.

The Golden Temple, or Darbar Sahib, is "the most important pilgrimage site for Sikhs" while the Khanda in an important symbol in the faith.

The group said it had received "numerous complaints" from members of the Sikh community about the products.

As of Wednesday afternoon, some of the products had been removed from but the Golden Temple toilet accessories remained available.

SBS News has contacted Amazon for comment.

United Sikhs operations manager Rajesh Singh said in a statement, "it's shocking and extremely disappointing that Amazon offers these products for sale".

"The merchandise featuring the disrespectful placement of Darbar Sahib and Khanda show a total lack of understanding on behalf of Amazon and its employees. We demand Mr. Bezos address this issue immediately."

Jeff Bezos speaks in Washington DC.
Jeff Bezos speaks in Washington DC.

The group offered "Sikh awareness training" in "an effort to educate Amazon's staff and prevent anti-Sikh products from being sold on the site in the future".

The group "has also reached out to the manufacturers of the merchandise to demand their production to be ceased immediately".

Other Sikh groups have also joined the effort, with the Sikh Coalition tweeting that the Golden Temple is "not a doormat".

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