Special report: The rise of the right in Europe

The rise of the UK Independence Party has highlighted growing anti-immigration sentiment in parts of Britain, mirrored across Europe where austerity has boosted nationalist parties.

The UK Independence Party is claiming to be the fourth force in British politics after seizing a swag of seats in England's local elections, SBS Europe correspondent Brett Mason reports.

A total of 147 members of the anti-European Union, anti-immigration party were elected, in the biggest win by a non-major party since the Second World War, reports Europe correspondent Brett Mason.

As many as 70 million people will call the United Kingdom home by 2027 and the race is on to build the infrastructure to cope. Multiculturalism has had a dramatic impact on London, where white British nationals now make up less than half the population.

But in Lincolnshire, far from the heaving streets of the capital, calls to freeze migration are loud.

The historic market town of Boston in the cabbage-farming heartland of Britain is said to have one of the highest per capita immigrant populations, and is now home to the biggest eastern European community in Britain.

Once fertile ground for the Conservative Party, now the only thing growing in Boston is support for the UK Independence Party. Community tensions in this town have been tested in the past, and will likely be challenged further.


The financial crisis in the Eurozone and the resulting austerity has triggered a rise in nationalist parties across Europe.

Despite the Treaty of Rome -- the founding charter of the EU -- promising to "preserve and strengthen peace and liberty", from Germany to Greece the nationalists are on the march.

Anti-immigrant feeling is running high, and parties of the extreme right are scoring electoral victories, alongside a sharp rise in racist and anti-Semitic attacks.

In Bulgaria, the ultra-nationalist Ataka party has gone from obscurity to almost 8 per cent of the vote and now holds the balance of power.


Britain's Channel Four News reporter Jamal Osman looks at Greece, where one of the most popular parties has promised to clean the country of immigrants.

The rise of the far right Golden Dawn party has been blamed for a series of racist beatings-- some of which have targeted young people, and that's leaving the country's thousands of immigrants scared for their future.

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One of the most politically successful far-right parties is in Hungary. Yobbik is anti-EU, anti-Semitic and anti-Roma, and has thrived since the financial crisis.

Britain's Channel Four News reporter Paraic O'Brien travelled to Hungary to investigate the incarnation of what some are calling the “new Europe”.

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