Stories From Home: Inventor and entrepreneur Tan Le


Meet inventor, entrepreneur, National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and former Young Australian of the Year, Tan Le.

Tan Le wants to help you harness the power of your brain.

She's the founder and CEO of Emotiv, a company that has developed technology to give ordinary people the tools they need to understand how their brains work.

Her company's research in neuroscience has applications ranging from the ability to move a car with your thoughts, to rehabilitating the sick and creating art and music.

"We want to excellerate brain research globally, because really, this is an incredible frontier that we know very little about," Le said.

Le, 38, is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

She came to Australia as a political refugee in 1982. Her mother, grandmother and sister escaped from South Vietnam in a rickety boat via a refugee camp in Malaysia, and landed in Melbourne she was just four years old.

"A lot of the time we thought we were not going to make it," Le said.

In 1998, Tan was named Young Australian of the Year.

Established in Melbourne, her company Emotiv now has its head-quarters in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Sydney and across Asia.

Source SBS Staff

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