Andrew Bolt continues to defend convicted paedophile George Pell in new blog

The Sky News presenter said he was "appalled" by the appeal decision, continuing a long history of defending the jailed cardinal.

VIDEO ABOVE: After Pell's conviction was made public in February, The Feed spoke to young Catholics about the future of the church

Andrew Bolt said he is "appalled" that convicted paedophile George Pell will stay in prison, in a blog published minutes after the Cardinal had his appeal rejected.

The Victoria's Court of Appeal rejected the disgraced Cardinal's appeal against the guilty verdict. The decision means Pell will return to jail to serve his six year sentence.

"I am appalled," Bolt wrote.

Despite not being present in court when the jury heard the evidence, Bolt continues to argue that it would have been impossible that Pell abused two choir boys.

"In short, it makes no logical sense that Pell attacked these boys as described," he wrote.

George Pell lost his appeal against his conviction of sexually abusing two 13-year-old choirboys.

The disgraced cardinal was convicted in December and later sentenced to six years in prison, with a three year non-parole period.

His lawyer Bret Walker SC tried to secure Pell's release or get a retrial. The arguments included that the verdicts were "unsafe and unsatisfactory".

Bolt also appeared in coverage of the appeal decision for Sky News .

It appeared even on air, he still refused to accept the verdict.

I hoped we had cause to stand against mob justice, to stand against the vilification of George Pell that has occurred over the years, prosecuted by the media...
" instead look at the evidence and the 12 improbabilities to make this a crime that was implausible physically, implausible logistically, and implausible psychologically."

Bolt said his faith in the justice system was 'much lower now'.

"Juries get things wrong, judges get things wrong. Certainly today we've seen judgement where either one judge is wrong or two judges are wrong."

This is the latest incident in a long history of Bolt defending the convicted Cardinal.

Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing two boys in December last year.

After the 78-year-old's guilty verdict was made public in February, the commentator released a blog claiming he'd be 'falsely convicted'.

The Feed
Andrew Bolt published a blog defending convicted pedophile George Pell minutes after his appeal was rejected. Source: SBS

Bolt writes a regular blog for the Herald Sun/Daily Telegraph, while he also hosts a show on the Sky News channel.

His February outburst saw a campaign emerge to push advertisers to boycott the show, and a separate petition calling for Newscorp to sack Bolt garnered some 8,000 signatures.

There's no word yet whether Bolt's latest defense will receive the same response. But it seems he's prepared for it, from comments he made on air today:

"I'm not going to be cowered by the people trying to get me kicked off Sky News, boycotting the advertisers, for saying what I believe to be true; that GP is guilty beyond reasonable doubt."

Those seeking information or support relating to child sexual assault can contact  on 1800 272 831 or  on 1300 657 380.  is available 24 hours a day on 13 11 14.

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Published 21 August 2019 at 10:44am
Source: SBS