Nicola Scott: Meet the woman behind Wonder Woman

Nicola Scott. You may not know the name immediately, but you definitely know her work.

She’s the woman responsible for iconic suphero and feminist icon Wonder Woman at DC Comics.

She’s the woman behind Wonder Woman, if you will.

Scott is based in Sydney, Australia and has been working in the comic book industry as an artist for almost fifteen years.

Despite a lifelong obsession with Wonder Woman and a passion for art, she originally pursued a career as an actress before realising “it just wasn’t going anywhere”.

“I come from a big girl family, with an artistic mum, an artistic grandma. The culture of art was always around,” says Scott.

“There was no doubt that I would have a creative career of some description, but I never sort of chased anything with a career chasing mindset until I turned 30 and got into comics.”

Scott has worked on some of the legends of the game at DC Comics – everyone from Superman and Batman, to Batgirl and Black Canary – and is presently on Wonder Woman with writer Greg Rucka.

Rucka and Scott have had a hugely successful creative collaboration, with the pair also launching a creator-owned original series with Image Comics in 2015 – Black Magick.

A witchcraft procedural, the series has been so well received it’s now being adapted into a TV series by the producers behind Syfy show The Magicians.

Things have been blowing up for Scott in a big, bad way with her recently returning from the US where she has been on the press circuit for Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary.

From appearances at San Diego Comic Con with movie Wonder Woman Gal Gadot to meeting legions of her fans, Scott is convinced the comic book world is changing – for the better.

“There has definitely been change,” she says.

“The rise of social media - because it wasn’t really around prior to 2006 - it has changed the landscape.

“It has galvanized all these separated fanbases that felt very isolated and alone.

“It’s given a community and communal voice to all of these groups, so now gay readers and female readers and anyone who feels like they’re in a minority - they have a posse now.

“And even within that there’s all different extremes. Within feminism I see people who do it really well and people who do it really badly and I’m just glad the conversation is there and that people are talking.”

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Published 20 September 2016 at 12:25pm
By Maria Lewis
Source: The Feed