Comedy prompts messages of support from around the world


The Feed’s comedy sketch ‘Love in the time of Coronavirus’ goes viral with those quarantined finding comfort in its humour, with posters on Facebook ranging from almost all corners of the globe.

This week, The Feed released a sketch titled ‘Love in the time of Coronavirus’. It was a surprise hit on Facebook receiving over nine million views. 

The post prompted a transnational conversation among the comments, with people experiencing the effects of self-isolation and uncertainty offering a virtual high-five to those going through the same thing across the globe.  The supportive thread was kicked off by Italian Facebook user Emmanuel, saying “thanks for making me have fun in this sad moment.” 

Then followed a flurry of messages from countries like The Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia and others.


Facebook reactions

Miran wanted to send Emmanuel a “virtual hug from Philippines,” as they say even “though we had 53 cases now! I'm pretty sure God will heal us.” While South Korea Mingyeong says “take care people in Italy and the whole world.” 

The message of faith continued as Scholo said, “I'm a South African but i'm in Texas. May the Almighty God be with all of you there in Italy.” 

The pouring of affection shared on the post left Dženana saying, “I love the people on this comment thread...beautiful.”

Stay safe, and remember to wash your hands!