Do internships actually help young people enter the workforce?


Clara Jordan-Baird for Interns Australia joins Jan and Marc to discuss Turnbull's new internship incentive scheme.

With the creation of an internship placement scheme, the Turnbull Government will pay businesses $1000 to take on a young worker for 15-25 hours of work a week. In return, the worker will receive experience and a small amount of cash ($100) on top of their Centrelink payments.

It's ostensibly a program to help drive down Australia's ever rising youth unemployment rate - but does doing an internship actually lead to paid work, or are they essentially working for free? And what's to stop businesses from rolling through interns to get a stream of bonuses and low-cost employees?

Clara Jordan-Baird, the National Policy Director for Interns Australia speaks to Marc and Laura about the program, it's holes, and what could be done instead to protect the rights of young people trying to enter the workforce.

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