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Female US Senator votes against equal pay resolution because 'white men have done a lot'


A US state senator has voted against a resolution to support equal pay for women, because of what white men have done for her country.


A US state senator has given an extraordinary speech outlining why she couldn't vote in favour of an 'Equal Pay Day' bill - saying she was concerned it was 'so focused against a white man'.

Colorado Senator Vicki Marble was one of three who voted against a resolution to encourage employers to strive for equal pay practices for women.

The resolution urged governmental agencies and other organisations to help close the pay gap for "Colorado's women and minorities".

But Marble said she was "angry" at the resolution, because she wasn't sure who it was directed toward.

"Not all white men make the same as every white man in a job," she said.

I just can't take part in something that is so focused against a white man because frankly I feel white men have done a lot for this country and this legislature.

Senator Marble explained that she was a single mother and had lived on "hot dogs and macaroni cheese" - but she doesn't feel cheated.

She said it is reasonable that workers are paid differently, based on their levels of experience.

Despite Senator Marble's criticism, the April 2 vote still passed, with 30 of 35 senators voting in support.