Here’s a running list of all the companies pulling advertising from Alan Jones

Source: The Feed

It comes after comments the shock jock made last week, telling Prime Minister Scott Morrison to ‘shove a sock’ down New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s throat.

Koala Mattresses and Bing Lee are the latest companies to pull their advertising from Alan Jones' program on 2GB, as the fallout from comments on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern continues.

Last week, Jones said PM Scott Morrison should 'shove a sock' down Ms Ardern's throat, after she encouraged Australia to do more about climate change.

The response was swift and severe online. Yesterday, Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate warned Jones was on his 'last warning'.

Even a former PM jumped into the conversation.

A number of companies have gone one step further, cutting ties with the shock jock.

It started over the weekend with ME Bank, who said Jones' comments did not reflect the company's values.

Anytime Fitness soon followed.

Koala Mattresses jumped in with a pretty scathing statement, saying Jones has had 'too many chances'.

Community group 'Sleeping Giants Oz' says it received confirmation that Bing Lee would also discontinue advertising.

Snooze released a statement saying it looked 'to understand 2GB's plans for their network and the hosts that represent them'.

Alan Jones
Statement released by Snooze on Facebook earlier today.

It's understood that a number of other brands confirmed the change, including:

  • RSL Art Union
  • Amart
  • Bunnings
  • Big W

Sleeping Giants Oz have also started a #SendASock campaign, encouraging followers to do... literally that - send a sock to Nine Entertainment Co Chairman, Peter Costello.

At the time of publication, Koala was top trending online.

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