Mural mocking Scott Morrison’s Hawaiian holiday helps raise $50,000 for firefighters

The Sydney mural mocking of Scott Morrison's December trip to Hawaii Source: Instagram - scottie.marsh

Scott Marsh says he’s managed to raise $50,000 by selling merchandise emblazoned with a mural mocking the Prime Minister. The artist plans to donate profits to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

A mural mocking Prime Minister Scott Morrison's ill-timed Hawaiian getaway has helped raise $50,000 for the Rural Fire Service, according to artist Scott Marsh.

The street art, which appeared on a Sydney wall last Tuesday, depicted Scott Morrison wearing a Santa hat and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, and wishing passers by a "Merry Crisis!". In the background were red and black flames.

The artwork followed Mr Morrison's decision to holiday in Hawaii as Australia's bushfire crisis raged.

"Heading out to Hawaii when the country is literally on fire is probably not a really great move in terms of leadership. I think public sentiment around that is all pretty unified," Mr Marsh told AAP at the time.

While the mural has since been painted over, Mr Marsh has continued to sell prints and t-shirts featuring the artwork, pledging to donate the profits to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Screen printing studio Aisle6ix has been printing the t-shirts free of charge, which Marsh calculates will allow him to donate approximately $42 from each $48 purchase.

Approximately $100 will be donated from the purchase of each $120 print.

On Sunday, Mr Marsh announced that sales from prints and t-shirts had raised $50,000.

Mr Marsh told The Feed he plans to close sales on January 3, at which point he will calculate the total profits to be donated. At this stage, he plans to donate the profits directly to RFS brigades.