People are sharing their #5YearOldSelfie to celebrate a little self-love

Source: Twitter @ge0kat

A mental health organisation has put a callout for social media users to think about the advice they would share with their younger selves.

If could list three positive things about your five-year-old self, what would they be?

That is the challenge that's been issued by YoungMinds, a UK-based mental health organisation. The group says how we speak to ourselves affects 'who we believe we are' - and that can impact on how we handle situations and life's challenges.

YoungMinds says talking to our 'younger selves' can help us switch up that negative view into something more positive.

So they're calling on people to find an old photo, come up with nice comments - and share them with the world.

You can find a whole heap of the stories at #5YearOldSelfie. In the meantime, we've shared some of our favourites here.

The Twitter challenge was kicked off by OG YouTube megastar Dan Howell (of Dan and Phil).

Democratic US Presidential candidate Julian Castro shared this pic with twin brother Joaquin (who is also a politician).

The hashtag was soon trending:

Composer Hannah Peel had some sporting advice for her younger self:

The throwbacks even extended to inanimate objects - Dallas airport shared this:

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