Rugby players clap back at Israel Folau’s homophobic Instagram post


Rugby players from around the world are responding to Israel Folau’s disparaging comments against the LGBTIQ+ community.

Above video: The Frant - Israel Folau, free speech or hate speech?

Almost a year to the day since Wallabies star and devout Christian, Israel Folau, last landed in hot water for making homophobic comments on Instagram, he’s at it again:


However, the BEST response to the whole ordeal has been former and current rugby players from around the world filling Folau’s social media pages with LGBTIQ+ positive content.

Like this picture’s-worth-1000-words tactic from retired England rugby player Joe Marler.

Or this joyful response from ex-Welsh rugby captain and proud gay man Gareth Thomas.

Or this more direct approach from former England player James Haskell.

Australian players sure didn’t miss out on the action.

And then, just for fun, some civilians decided to get on board too.

The jury is still out on whether Folau is even going to get to keep his job.

In the meantime, we can all take solace in the fact that while the internet can be awful - it can also produce so pretty cool stuff too.

Now, please enjoy this 2014 cover of Star Observer, Australia’s longest-running publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, featuring Folau above the title “Big Boys and Their Balls”.


Star Observer
Star Observer

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