The Gosford Anglican Church signs that angered far-right protestors

Father Rod Bower beside the now-famous sign outside Gosford Anglican Church. Source: Twitter

The far right nationalist group Party For Freedom obviously aren't fans of the church's thought-provoking messages, but many people on social media are.

A right wing hate group that interrupted a Sunday church service wearing mock Muslim attire frightened children and traumatized many in the congregation, according to Gosford Anglican Church minister Rod Bower.

Members of the group Party for Freedom, which supports Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump, stormed the Gosford Anglican Church on the New South Wales south coast on Sunday and presented to pray while playing Muslim prayers on a loud speaker. 

They also criticised Islam before leaving.

The protesters posted photos of the stunt on social media, calling it a protest against Father Bower's support for multiculturalism and Muslims.

Father Bower and Gosford Anglican Church are famous for making pro-refugees, pro-marriage equality, and pro-Islam statements on the sign outside the church on Mann Street, Gosford. Here are some of the best.

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