Trump supporters claim fake zombie attack pic is real evidence of violent liberals

The disturbing (and fake) image being used by Trump supporters. Source: Instagram

Even his supporters can't tell the difference between a Trump rally and a horror comedy film.

Things are getting intense in America as the presidential campaign heats up.

Donald Trump supporters have posted a photo online of a fellow “supporter” covered in blood who, they claim, was beaten up by liberal anti-Trump protesters.

While there has been violence between Trump supporters and protesters at his rallies, the woman in the photo was not involved in any of them. In fact the woman in the photo isn’t even American, she’s Australian.

The photo is of former Home and Away actress Samara Weaving and was uploaded earlier in the year by Weaving and her make-up artist Hannah Wilson. It was shared to show the actress' "amazing make-up" for her role in Ash vs. Evil Dead - a horror comedy film.

Weaving is ... not happy.

Actor Bruce Campbell, who also stars in Ash vs. Dead, called out the Conversation Nation Tweet, pointed out the slight oversight.

Weaving’s friend Dana DeLorenzo has jumped in.

While this photo is completely fake, there has been real (less bloody) violence against Trump supporters at some rallies.

Reports say that anti-Trump protesters were throwing eggs and water balloons at Trump supporters in downtown San Jose earlier in June.

A photo of a woman wiping egg from her face leaving a Republican Trump rally has been circulating online. AAP reports that, “a dozen more people were punched, at least one person was pelted with an egg and Trump hats grabbed from supporters were set on fire on the ground.”

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