Tune of Melbourne’s lockdown ‘Get on the beers’ cracks iTunes charts

Source: AAP/Instagram

Artist Mashd N Kutcher’s remix featuring Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has made it into iTunes top 20. The line ‘get on the beers’ has become a symbol of the end of Melbourne’s 111-day lockdown.

We might not yet be able to hit the dancefloor in most parts of the country but a new hit has been born.

Artist Mashd N Kutcher has created a remix featuring Victoria's premier Daniel Andrews signalling that it might be time to 'get on the beers'.

The track cracked the iTunes top 20 on Wednesday at 17 and now sits in the 22nd position.

'Get on the beers' has been the rallying cry since Melbourne's 111-day lockdown was lifted on Tuesday night, as Victorians flocked to social media to share their celebrations with their alcoholic beverage of choice.

The remix was released on Monday after Andrews’ announcement easing restrictions, which saw pubs, restaurants, retailers and cafes’ open back up again.

The track features a compilation of several Dan Andrews press conferences in count down form as the cases in Victoria decrease from 10 to zero.

And also includes a question from the Monday's press conference where Seven news' Melbourne state reporter Sharnelle Vella asked Andrews after he said he was easing restrictions, "Can I confirm you are saying we can finally get on the beers?"

"I don't know that I'll be drinking a beer tonight," Andrews replied.

"I might go a little higher up the shelf."

Andrews kept his word, he did end up reaching higher up on the shelf for something a little stronger to celebrate the occasion. 

The tag-line 'get on the beers' became a viral hit back in March when Andrews cautioned about getting too lax about the pandemic.

"You won't be able to go to the pub because the pub is shut," Andrews said in a press conference on March 22.

"That doesn't mean you can have all your mates around to (your) home and get on the beers, that's not appropriate."

Mashd N Kutcher's first remix was made in April which included Andrews' comments from March.

A few weeks ago, the original track was played at a Perth night club and became a viral sensation on TikTok.