We asked March for Men attendees 'Why are you here?'

'Men matter too' said most. 'I hate women' said some.

An estimated 150 marchers came together in Melbourne’s Federation Square on Saturday afternoon for March for Men.

In a promotional video for the march, the event’s organiser, social media commentator and self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” Sydney Watson said, “I want Australians to rally together for masculinity, for men’s rights and just to demonstrate that we know that men matter, too. […] The purpose of this rally is not to hate on women.”

From the other side of a police barricade, the National Union of Students Women’s Department hosted a counter-rally billed as Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, and attempted to drown out speeches given by various Men’s Rights activists. 

Amid the fray, The Feed was there to ask attendees ‘Why are you here?’ and ‘What do you hope March for Men will achieve?’ Below are a selection of their responses. 

You say anything they don’t agree with and bang!

The men’s issues narrative has been hijacked.

Teach your kids that it’s okay to fight sometimes.

I don't have an issue with ANTIFA, because if we were Nazis, I’d be on their side.

I used to be really left-leaning.

I’m the founder of Men’s Rights Melbourne.

I hate women. Well, a lot of them.

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