Young Australians don’t care about the royal family


Recent data says support for the monarchy is at a record low level. And young people are the least keen. Is it time for a republic?

Recent data says support for the monarchy is at a record low level with just 22% saying they prefer the monarchy, compared to the 52% opting for a republic - aka, an Australian head of state.

Those who are least keen on Kensington? Young people.

Don’t tell that to the monarchists among us - they say this new generation of royals is why we like things as they are. After all, 1.5 million of us watched Harry Marry Meghan. The House of Windsor’s rebrand has seen them switch pompous for progressive. We’ve got young royals marrying unconventional choices like commoners and American divorcee actresses.

But the Australian Republic Movement says these 21st century, woke royals aren’t changing our minds about a republic. 67% said the royal babies/weddings made no difference to them supporting an Australian head of state. In fact, nearly 30% of young people said they were more likely to want it way ahead of their older counterparts.

Both sides of the debate saying they’ve got a finger on the pulse of what young Australians really want - so who’s right?


Jan Fran and Michael Hing hashed it out with people on both sides of the republic issue, Dhanya Mani and Edward Bourke.