Young voters a 'problem', says Deputy Prime Minister


Nationals Leader Michael McCormack has criticised young voters while addressing party members at Cowra branch meeting.

Above video: Who the hell is Michael McCormack?

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has labelled young voters a ‘big problem’ in the lead up to this month’s federal election.

"One of the biggest problems we've got in this election is the fact that we've got a lot of young people voting for the first time...who have probably never known how good they've got it," said McCormack.

The Nationals leader made the comments last night while addressing a group of National party members at Cowra, in central News South Wales.

The Australian Electoral Commission confirmed last week that youth enrolment is at an all time high, with 88.8 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds enrolled to vote in the May 18 election.

"Bill Shorten's initials aren't BS for no good reason."

The speech at the local RSL club also proved to be a chance for the Deputy PM to get a few other things off his chest.

McCormack took aim at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, commenting that his “initials aren’t BS for no good reason.”

He could make Julia Gillard look like a Sunday school teacher if he gets in.

“Honestly, at least Julia was principled,” McCormack said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also defended the Nationals’ decision to preference One Nation over Labor and the Greens in the upcoming federal election.

“I’ll cop the criticism and I’ve copped plenty over the past few days; ‘oh, you’re voting in racists, how can you do it?’ Well, you know what, it’s only a journalist obsession.”

The Nationals leader reaffirmed his position on Greens - the minor party is always last, unless a ‘complete nut job’ runs.

“Then we end up with the likes of Adam Bandt, who wants to shut down everything, and Sarah Hanson-Young - what a complete loser she is."

He also took the opportunity to address internal party divisions, defending his own leadership style.

“'I probably don't get as much cut-through as predecessors because I don't say silly stuff."

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