'The patriarchy has to go': Women's Marches in Australia


People have come together across Australia to show their solidarity with the Women's March movement as rallies are held around the world.

People across the country have joined together to support women's rights, chanting: "Hey, hey, ho, ho - the patriarchy has to go".

Women, men and children rallied in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in solidarity with the "Women's March" movement being held across the globe.

Thousands of Sydneysiders headed to the rally at Hyde Park sporting T-shirts saying "We can Do it" and waving placards with slogans of "unbroken" and "If you're not angry you're not paying attention".

"Women bear most of the brunt of racism, discrimination and inequality and it's time to fight back and do it in solidarity," Greens NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi told AAP, who was in of the crowd.

Senator Lee Rhiannon described the atmosphere of the Sydney march under warm blue skies as "delightful".

"Women are very upbeat and very inspired especially by what's going on at marches in New York and Texas," she said.

Marches in Melbourne and Brisbane also attracted hundreds of supporters.

Anti-Trump Women's March in NYC
Anti-Trump Women's March in NYC

Supporters in Melbourne marched from Alexandra Gardens and formed a human chain across the banks of the Yarra.

"I think last year was that watershed moment of President Trump's election," Melbourne organiser Melissa Goffin told AAP.

"This is mainstream, this is everyone. It's a new era of feminism."

Hundreds also took part in Brisbane's CBD carrying signs and chanting.

"A great day. So many people sending a message to Brisbane that change needs to happen!" Alicia Hahn wrote on social media.

The Women's March organisation started in Washington in response to Donald Trump's presidential win.

The group sought to turn protests into political action by encouraging women to run for office and exercise their right to vote and influence elections.

Source AAP - SBS

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