'Three days of humiliation' for Labor MP David Feeney


Labor MP David Feeney acknowledged his failure to declare his negatively geared home in Melbourne has been the biggest own goal of the campaign on his side.

It's been a week David Feeney would probably rather forget.

The Labor MP for the inner Melbourne seat of Batman said in an interview with Sky News his failure to declare a $2.3m investment property had brought him "three days of humiliation".

But it could yet get worse.

In the same TV interview on Wednesday afternoon, he was then caught out not knowing several key spending plans, including whether Labor would keep the school kids bonus, which is being phased out by the government in July.

"I've been a little distracted over the last few days," he told Sky News. 

Not declaring the house in Melbourne's Northcote earned him a rebuke from Labor leader Bill Shorten and cost him the support of his tenants, who put up a Greens placard in the front yard.

Asked by presenter David Speers how he could have forgotten to declare the home, Mr Feeney said it was simply human error.

"I guess I'd make the point that when people forget to register their car, they don't forget they had a car," he said.

"I never forgot I had a home but my failure - and there was no walking away from it, it was a failure - was to register the house on the register of interests."

Mr Speers asked: "Do you accept it's been the biggest own goal of Labor's campaign so far?"

"I think unfortunately that's a trophy I managed to secure last week," Mr Feeney said. 

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