UEFA asks for a change in concussion protocols

BAKU (Reuters) - UEFA will ask global soccer body FIFA to review its concussion guidelines to ease the pressure on doctors and ensure that concussed players are not allowed to continue playing, it said on Wednesday following a series of worrying incidents.

At present, referees must stop the match to allow the injured player to be assessed by the team doctor. The player can only continue with specific confirmation by the team doctor to the referee that he is fit to do so.

However, the world players' union FIFPRo says this does not go far enough. It wants temporary substitutions to be allowed while a player is examined and authorisation given by a neutral, rather than a team, doctor.

"I strongly believe that the current regulations on concussion need updating to protect both the players and the doctors and to ensure appropriate diagnosis can be made without disadvantaging the teams affected," the president of European soccer's governing body (UEFA) Aleksander Ceferin told reporters.

(Reporting by William Schomberg; Writing by Brian Homewood; Editing by Toby Davis)

Source Reuters

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