'Unflattering' photo Peter Dutton's team wanted deleted goes viral

The photo snapped, and Tweeted by Fairfax Media's political reporter Stephanie Peatling Source: Twitter

When Peter Dutton's office asked for an 'unflattering' photo of him to be removed from social media, the Internet responded by turning the Immigration Minister's face into memes.

When Immigration Minister Peter Dutton called a press conference on Tuesday, he warned refugee advocates not to give "false hope" after two asylum seekers self-harmed on Nauru.

Fairfax Media's political reporter Stephanie Peatling took the opportunity to tweet a photo of Mr Dutton.

The photo, taken by Fairfax photographer Alex Ellinghausen, captures the minister emerging from the shadows to front the media.

Following the tweet, Ms Peatling was asked to take it down by Mr Dutton's staffers, who complained that the photo was 'unflattering'.

She later wrote that Mr Dutton's offsider "took considerable umbrage" with the photo and that they "strongly protested its presence" on social media.

The image remained and Photoshop came into play, with social media users putting their own touch on Mr Dutton's face.

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