Valentina Lisitsa plays Nyman

Superstar classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa has turned her hand to the music of The Piano composer Michael Nyman in a new album.

Composer Michael Nyman is perhaps best known for his haunting soundtrack to Jane Campion's 1993 film The Piano.

Tracks from the award-winning soundtrack, including the pulsating The Heart Asks Pleasure first, feature on a new album beautifully interpreted by Ukranian-born classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa.

Chasing Pianos will be launched in April to coincide with Nyman's 70th birthday.

It contains a total of 25 tracks from the composer's body of work including pieces from Wonderland, the Draughtsman's Contract, Gattaca and A Zed & Two Noughts.

Lisitsa rose to prominence largely through her performances on YouTube and has championed classical music via digital media, becoming one of the most viewed classical musicians on the Web.

She is well known for her performances of Chopin, Beethoven and Rachmaninov and this latest album enables her turn her considerable skills to contemporary compositions.

* Chasing Pianos will be released on April 7 by Decca Records through the Universal Music Group.

Source AAP

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