Victoria could 'virtually eliminate' smoking by 2025

A man pictured lighting a cigarette in Canberra, Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Source: AAP

Twenty-five Victorian health groups are reportedly expected to launch a plan on Thursday to make the state almost smoke-free by 2025.

Victoria could go almost smoke-free by 2025 reportedly under a plan backed by 25 of the state's health groups.

More than two dozen major Victorian health groups are reported to be launching their aim of jointly pushing for stricter anti-smoking laws and more education programs

Vic Health is leading the campaign to have less than five per cent of Victorians smoking daily by 2025 which is backed with the support of the Australian Medical Association and the Cancer Council, News Corp Australia reports.

Tobacco advertising and promotion would be stopped, TV education campaigns would be rolled out for young people while smoking-related laws would be tightened under the proposal.

"We think it is actually possible to get down to five per cent daily smoking by 2025 - that would virtually eliminate daily smoking," Quit Victoria director Dr Sarah White told News Corp Australia.

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