Victoria won't be blocking phones in cars

Victoria will not be blocking phone signals in cars despite a call from the cycling lobby to do so to increase safety.

Victoria's cycling lobby group wants mobile phone signal-blocking technology in cars, but the premier is not convinced it's a good idea.

Premier Daniel Andrews said such technology would be risky in emergency situations.

"We have no plans to introduce changes like that," Mr Andrews told reporters on Thursday.

"That would seem to me a very big step and one that would have a whole range of technical challenges - you know how would you cut out emergency service vehicles for instance, in that sort of a comms ban?"

The Bicycle Network said a new report by the federal government, which forecasts more deaths on the state's roads due to mobile phone use, proves the need for the technology.

"This dire prediction of increased loss of life highlights that cars should be fitted with phone blocking technology. Until that happens, whenever you get behind the wheel, you should turn off your phone and put it (away)," the group's CEO Craig Richards said in a statement on Thursday.

Source AAP

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