Vietnamese man 'posed as migration agent'

A Vietnamese man allegedly posed as a migration agent and lawyer to rip off more than $500,000 from victims who hoped to settle in Australia.

A Vietnamese man allegedly posed as a migration agent and swindled more than $500,000 from victims who were convinced he could help them settle in Australia, a court has heard.

Quoc Dung Hoang, 28, faced a bail hearing in the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday following his arrest last November over a visa fraud scam.

The court heard the western Sydney-based Hoang allegedly used forged documents - including material purporting to be from the immigration department - to help convince one victim to part with $300,000 and another nearly $240,000.

Justice David Davies said that according to the "strong" crown case, Hoang made out he was a migration agent and even a lawyer "and could assist them in relation to them obtaining residence ...or assisting their children to do so."

The Vietnamese national has permanent residency in Australia and was placed on a good behaviour bond for an unrelated dishonesty offence in 2013.

He allegedly committed the latest offences between February 2014 and April 2015, partly while under the bond.

The Crown opposed Hoang's bail over concerns he would flee, possibly using forged identity documents.

But Justice Davies said the risk could be offset with conditions including a requirement for the accused fraudster to surrender his passport, report daily to police, and abide by a 9pm to 6am curfew.

A property worth $190,000 and $40,000 cash was put up as security by Hoang's family.

"The more serious concern is whether he will continue to commit the offences," the judge said.

"Although I have concerns in this regard I'm not satisfied that those concerns rise to the level of unacceptable risk."

Hoang was granted bail and his case is due to return to court in March.

Source AAP

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