'Welcome to America': Time magazine eviscerates Trump's immigration policy


The new edition of Time magazine puts America's child immigration crisis at President Donald Trump's feet.

In a critique of US President Trump's immigration policy, the latest edition of Time magazine features an image of an anguished immigrant child pictured beside an image of an indifferent US President Donald Trump.

The headline states: "Welcome to America".

The iconic image was taken by Getty photographer John Moore, who captured the emotion of a two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker when she was separated from her family at the US border with Mexico.

The image is among those credited with motivating the dramatic policy reversal by President Trump on separating undocumented children from their parents.

An executive order signed by Mr Trump will keep families together at the border, but it comes too late for the 2,300 children who have already been split from their parents.

The Trump administration has been enforcing a “zero tolerance" policy on illegal border crossers since early May.

In the Times piece that accompanies the cover, Karl Vick writes a piece analysing Trump’s ‘Border Separation’ policy and how it “reflects a President uncomfortable with ideals”.

“Just and democratic” have disappeared as qualities the US once sought to promote beyond its borders and has now been replaced with a new twist on the slogan “America first”, Mr Vick writes.

“And while Trump ultimately capitulated on the forced separation of children, his new order suggested that families would be detained not only together, but perhaps indefinitely. For many Americans, the forced separation of immigrant families left them looking into the void from which the brutal policy emerged: the dark space left by the words Trump does say.”

The negative repercussions of President Trump’s policies have left their mark, he writes.

“Trump is angrily sawing away at the global structures the U.S. spent decades building after prevailing in that conflict.”

The piece also features the story of a refugee turned Trump loyalist.

“My opinion on immigration basically is, wait your turn,” Ivars Kalnins is quoted as saying. He fled Latvia ahead of the Soviets and spent five years in a refugee camp. 

Legislative drama

The magazine cover has been released as lawmakers failed to advance either of two Republican immigration bills in the House of Representatives.

A hardline proposal was defeated, as expected.

But a vote on a "compromise" bill between the party's hard-right and moderate wings, which ends family separations but also includes Trump priorities like curtailing legal immigration and providing some protections to young immigrants, was pushed back to at least Friday - a clear sign it lacked the votes to pass.

The failure dealt an embarrassing blow to Republicans under intense pressure by Trump's administration to take the first legislative steps to address the issue.

The crisis was fueling a brutal partisan scrap, with Trump blaming "extremist" Democrats for refusing to help tighten border security.

"Democrats want open Borders, where anyone can come into our Country, and stay," he tweeted.

- Additional reporting by AFP.

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