Wentworth by-election: Climate and ‘instability’ posters greet voters as seat hangs in the balance


Liberals warn the electorate they risk a hung parliament by backing independent Kerryn Phelps in Saturday's poll.

The candidates jostling for the seat of Wentworth have revealed their last-minute pitches to voters, as Malcolm Turnbull’s former seat hangs in the balance.

Posters plastered over the schools and community halls of the Sydney harbourside electorate reveal the campaign for the Liberal candidate Dave Sharma is focusing on reminding voters of the ‘risk’ of a hung parliament.

If the election is won by the leading independent candidate, local doctor and Sydney councillor Kerryn Phelps, it would end the Morrison government’s one-seat majority in the Lower House.

‘Australia’s hung parliament: with a 1 seat majority, don’t risk it,” warns one Liberal poster.

“Labor + Phelps, don’t risk it,” reads another.

The Phelps campaign has deployed cardboard cutouts of the former member, Malcolm Turnbull.

“Where’s Malcolm?” the poster asks. “Send the Liberals a message.”

Labor and its candidate Tim Murray are using the image of Scott Morrison putting his arm around the then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, when he pledged his support in the leadup to the leadership spill.

“Disunity, dysfunction, chaos,” reads the slogan.

Environmental activists have targeted Mr Sharma’s ads, posting their own ads alongside that accuse the Liberals of an overly close relationship with the coal industry.

Wentworth polling places will close at 6pm tonight, with early results to follow on Saturday evening.

PM urges Liberal voters to step up
PM urges Liberal voters to step up

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