'Which is the good one?' You can't tell a good Muslim from a bad one: Hanson


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has continued her attack against Muslims and Islam during an interview on commercial television.

Pauline Hanson has declared Muslims have "no respect" for Australia and there is no way to tell which Muslim is "a good Muslim" in an interview on Channel Nine's A Current Affair.

The One Nation leader, who has been under fire since Sunday for her controversial comments about vaccinations, detailed her mistrust of Islam and Muslims for host Tracy Grimshaw.

"I do believe there are some that want to get on with a quiet life and a good life, but you tell me, you line up a number of Muslims, who’s the good one? Who’s not?" she said.

"If these people want to come to live here - respect our laws.

"Even in courtrooms, they have no respect for the judges, won't even stand up."

Senator Hanson also declared Muslims were planning to take over the government by lying.

"If you understand Islam, it’s like, they can actually lie to you, it’s called taqiyya, and they can actually tell you whatever they want to," she said.

"It’s to blend into a society until the numbers grow and then they will actually then impose their will on the people, get hold of the governments and this is what their tactic is."

Senator Hanson also referred to her campaign to ban the burqa, an item of clothing covering the face that is sometimes worn by Muslim women, though rarely in Australia.

"The full face covering, I think is wrong," she said.

"I think the burqa should absolutely go. This is, you know, it's Australia.


"If they want to live that way and have their law, Sharia law and all the rest of it, I suggest go to a Muslim country."

She said people had told her Muslims were "threatening" people and trying to force them to leave their homes.

"I hear Australians that have lived just nice, quiet lives in their suburbs and then they've had Muslims come in there who have changed their suburbs," Senator Hanson said.

"They've built these mosques and they have cars parked across their driveways or rubbish thrown into their yards or they go and knock on their doors - finally because they won't sell out – and threaten them: ‘listen mate, you bet take this cash or this suitcase full of cash and get out of here."

Senator Hanson said Muslims needed to speak out more against Islamic extremism.

"Why aren’t the Muslims who want to live a quiet good life, why aren’t they speaking up more?" she said.

"How often do we ever hear from them? Very, very rare."

Source SBS News

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