Who made Turnbull's 'YES bike'? PM asks social media for help

The "work of art" left outside the prime minister's home. Source: Malcolm Turnbull / Facebook

Malcolm Turnbull wants to know who left the rainbow "work of art" outside his Sydney home.

The search is on for the creator of a crochet-covered ‘YES bike’ Malcolm Turnbull found chained to a street sign in front of his Sydney home.

The prime minister posted photos of the rainbow-coloured bicycle on his Facebook page following the Lower House’s historic vote on Thursday to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia.

He suggested that the “amazing work of art” - left anonymously outside his house two months ago - could now find a new home in one of Australia’s national galleries or museums “to commemorate this extraordinary day.”

But first, Mr Turnbull would like to know who the bike belongs to.

“We brought it inside to keep it safe. But we don’t know who made it! Please let us know,” he said. 

The bicycle is decorated with love hearts, pictures of Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy, and includes a quote from the prime minister about his marriage: "Malcolm said marrying Lucy was the 'best call I ever made bar none … I'm the luckiest guy'."

Thursday’s vote saw an overwhelming majority of MPs vote in favour of legalising same-sex marriage and was closely followed by celebrations on the floor of parliament.

After the vote, Mr Turnbull said that he was "so proud that this has occurred while I am prime minister [and] while the Liberal and National parties are in government".

Same-sex marriage around the world
Same-sex marriage around the world

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