Winners and losers in the NSW budget

Farmers and parents are among the winners in the NSW budget but thousands working in the state government's back offices could lose their job.


* Parents: funding for 2300 early childhood education places, $120 million to introduce before- and after-school care to all public primary schools.

* Kids: breakfast will be served at 500 schools while an extension of the Active Kids rebate - to include a second sport or another term of dance or swimming lessons - will get more kids moving

* Front-line public servants: 8300 more doctors, nurses and support staff plus 1500 extra police

* Farmers: drought relief package worth $1.8 billion, $24 million for better weather forecasting in western NSW and more regional health workers.

* Schools: 40 new or improved schools and an additional 4600 teachers over the next four years

* Environment: While reducing carbon emissions wasn't mentioned, the budget boosts key watchdog Environment Protection Agency's funding 28 per cent to $250 million and finally starts dishing money from the $1.4 billion Climate Change Fund


* Back-office public servants: already reeling from a 20 per cent cut in numbers since 2011, departments will be forced to reduce employee spending by five per cent, potentially costing 2000 jobs

* Homebuilders: tradespeople building new homes will be hurt by continued falls in new dwellings and new approvals

* Legal Aid: the shoe-string budget for the body assisting those unable to afford legal representation will drop 2.6 per cent

* Tourism: Destination NSW funding will be cut 20 per cent while the Art Gallery of NSW and Australian Museum had funding pared back.

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