World reacts to Bali Nine executions

The front page of the Courier Mail Wednesday April 29 2015 (Courier Mail)

Take a look at how Australian and international mainstream and social media are responding to the execution of drug convicts Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukurmaran and six others.

News outlets across Australia have reacted to the news of the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. 

People have highlighted how some media outlets have not always been entirely consistent in their coverage. In February in 2006 The Daily Telegraph's headline in relation to the Bali Nine read “No sympathy: Their drug operation would have destroyed thousands of lives." 


In Indonesia, the press led with news of the executions. The front page of Wednesday's edition of The Jakarta Globe was headlined 'Execution carried out.' 



The Jakarta Post led with "Defying intense pressure from the international community, the government executed eight death row prisoners...". This article has so far generated over 3000 comments. The reactions from readers have varied. 

 If Chan and Sukumaran were Indonesian no one in the world would care. But because they are Australian , there lives are perceived as valuable .This is because they come from a rich powerful country. The lives of two Australian criminals are seen a more valuable than millions of indonesian. - 

Rest in peace all the 8 executed, you certainly did not deserve to die, you were used by our president for political purposes. His approval ratings went down drastically over the past few months, and he tried to look strong by executing people. I´m not proud at all of what my government has done. Death penalty is never a just punishment especially in a corrupt system.

There has also been mixed reaction to local media reports of the news in other areas of the world.

There is anger in Brazil after Brazilian national Rodrigo Gularte, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, was executed. Brazil's government said in a statement it was shocked by the news, as this was the second execution of a Brazilian national in Indonesia in three months.

The UK's Independent published an article "Indonesia executions: Bali Nine drugs smuggling gang executed – as country ignores global outcry". It too triggered a resurgence of the debate surrounding the death penalty. 

At first I am outraged. Then I cool down, Texas (US land of the free!) had 39 executions in 2013, 35 executions in 2014, 13 from Jan to March this year. Saudi Arabia has a record worse than IS for the similar fashion of making people shorter by removing their neck upwards.

Drug dealers are evil. They destroy lives. The penalties for their crime in Indonesia and neighbouring countries are clear. They were caught, they were convicted, they deserved to die.

I was born and grew up in Indonesia, and once again I am ashamed of the Indonesian government. Basically the increased rate of judicial murder is an attempt to distract the attention of the Indonesian people away from the performance of the Jokowi government.

Boycott Indonesia

The hashtag #boycottindonesia is gaining momentum, with many Australian's vowing to discontinue all travel to the island nation.  

But many are disagreeing with calls to boycott travel to Indonesia. 

Meanwhile Indonesians have reacted to threats of a boycott.  


Australian and international celebrities react

Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has spoken out in support of Mary Jane Veloso. 

He also criticised Indonesia for carrying out the other executions.


The families of the two Australians executed are slowly beginning to speak out with Andrew Chan's brother Michael tweeting the following:

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