Airs 6pm weeknights on SBS. When it comes to food, often it's the locals who know best and in this series Poh is on a culinary adventure to meet some of the country's finest producers and chefs who know how to bring out the best in their produce.
22 Feb 2016 - 2:25 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2016 - 10:04 AM

Poh is on the road again, travelling around Australia and Asia, clocking up more fantastic food experiences, some not for the faint-hearted, and all definitely unique. Her destinations in Australia range from King Island to the Flinders Ranges, from Sydney to Northern Queensland. In Asia she visits Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Singapore. On her way she meets people producing and cooking the food of their regions and is inspired to create and share her own recipes using the local ingredients.

Head here for recipes from Poh's most recent series, Poh & Co.


Episode 1: Cowboys of the sea

Airs Wednesday 24 February at 6pm on SBS

Poh begins her culinary adventure in a premium seafood region, the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. In Port Lincoln she gets to swim with tuna, and in Coffin Bay she eats the biggest oyster you'll ever see! 


Episode 2: Tasmanian flour

Airs Thursday 25 February at 6pm on SBS

Poh discovers the secrets of flour in central Tasmania. At a restored flour mill, Poh grinds her own grain and bakes her first loaf of sourdough bread. She also meets pastry chef Alistair Wise who uses Poh’s flour to create his rich and delicate dessert of puff pastry with goat milk ice-cream and peaches. Always willing to get her hands dirty, Poh gets the job of milking the goat!


Episode 3: Singapore

Airs Friday 26 February March at 6pm on SBS

Poh’s on the road and this week she’s in Singapore, one of the great international food capitals of the world. With its modern and cosmopolitan style, Singapore is a place where chefs from all over the world (including Australia’s Tetsuya Wakuda) ply their trade. Poh joins the action, meeting food loving ex-pat Antonia Kidman and food stars Andre Chiang and Janice Wong.

Want to make Tetsuya's trout?
Confit of ocean trout

Tetsuya shares the recipe for his signature confit of ocean trout, adapted so it's easily achievable at home. The oil is spiked with garlic, thyme, basil and coriander seeds for delicious results. 

Episode 4: One magic bowl

Airs Monday 29 March at 6pm on SBS

Poh's on the road to Port Willunga on SA's Fleurieu Peninsula to attend the 'One Magic Bowl', an event where 11 local chefs are creating 11 seafood dishes to be served in one bespoke bowl on the beach. She’s also there to help Chef Billy Dohnt with his dish, smoked trout chowder. To add to the celebrations of this unique area, Poh harvests her own cockles with Brenton Carle and creates a stir-fry cockle dish using Coorong cockles.


Epsiode 5: Beer in the Alps

Airs Tuesday 1 March at 6pm on SBS

Poh's on the road to the Australian Alps to visit a charming little boutique brewery near Bright. She talks to some local brewers and meets local chef Anthony Simone, a chef who is fascinated with beer and cooking. Originally from Umbria, Anthony's family run a local restaurant which combines the best of Italian tradition with a love of the region and its bounty. Poh's been invited to lunch with the Anthony's family and wants to take something. She decides to use the local, wild mushrooms to create a mushroom spring roll. The spring rolls go down a treat at lunch and there's even time for Poh to take a toboggan ride in the freshly fallen snow.

How about Poh's sweet spring roll?
Banana spring rolls with butterscotch sauce

"This reminds me very much of a Malaysian goreng pisang – a street snack of banana that's battered and deep-fried. Imagine the oozy sweetness of banana and butterscotch coming from beneath layers of crispy skin, shattering with every mouthful. Very yummy indeed." Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co.

Episode 6: Outback lamb

Airs Wednesday 2 March at 6pm on SBS

Poh’s on the road to the sheep country of the Flinders Ranges in northern South Australia and it’s a trip of firsts — her first night sleeping under the stars in a swag and her first attempt at shearing a sheep. Poh uses the lamb minced to create an easy spiced lamb sausage and egg breakfast for Jamie McTaggart. In turn Jamie shows Poh how to cook tandoori-style lamb in a camp oven. Travelling further north into the Flinders Ranges Poh arrives in Blinman, which is situated in the highest part of the Flinders. The only pub in town has an Italian owner, Tony Cutri, who uses lamb on his Greek-style pizza that he serves to the locals every Friday night. After a great night with the locals Poh gets a few pizza tips from Tony and then shares her love of lamb with her favourite moussaka recipe.

Make your own
Tandoori chicken

“Kumar Mahadevan is a master of spicing and this mix, to create juicy, delicious chicken, is one of his best recipes. The yoghurt marinade helps tenderise the chicken.” Maeve O'Meara, Food Safari Fire

Pita pizza with prawns and caramelised onions (plakous)

Melted cheese, fresh herbs, paprika, prawns and yoghurt ... what more could you ask for from a Greek pizza recipe? Prepare the caramelised onions ahead of time to make this a speedy after-work dinner or snack.


While moussaka is largely attributed to Greece, variations can also be found in Turkey, where it includes green capsicum, and Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia, where it is made with potatoes, pork and a yoghurt topping. Our moussaka recipe is a modern take on the Greek version, with slow-cooked shredded lamb instead of minced, and eggplant and béchamel sauce enriched with kefalograviera (hard, sheep’s milk cheese).


Episode 7: Sydney outdoors

Airs Thursday 3 March at 6pm on SBS

Alfresco dining has become a real mark of the way Australians enjoy eating and Poh’s in Sydney on the hunt for the great outdoors. After a refreshing swim in the famous Bondi sea pool and a healthy breakfast at a local eatery right on the beach, Poh meets surfing nutritionist and cook Sarah Glover who shares her recipe for the great muesli that Poh’s just tried. Later, Poh travels across Sydney’s beautiful Harbour to the Opera House to experience some Vietnamese-style Sydney street food with Nahji Chu. Miss Chu, as she’s known, has been winning over locals in Sydney for a couple of years. Nahji shares her secrets to creating the perfect rice paper rolls. 

Duck and roll
Easy Peking duck rolls

I love duck and I love to keep it simple. To me, that’s what a picnic should be! I first made these one night when we were going to Symphony under the Stars in Sydney’s beautiful Hyde Park. There was something about sitting outdoors listening to classical music with a glass of pinot noir and chowing down on some of these beautiful Vietnamese rolls that just made the picnic memorable.


Episode 8: Tastes of Thailand

Airs Friday 4 March at 6pm on SBS

Poh starts her Thailand road trip in the northern city of Chiang Mai where tradition is revered and celebrated. It’s here that Poh learns about the basics of northern Thai cooking including how to prepare Khao Soi, the most famous of this region’s dishes. Next it’s Bangkok, where food writer Chawadee Nualkhair takes Poh to the famous canals of Bangkok to meet women of a Muslim community who produce nahm prik. This chilli-based condiment is in every Thai household and is the basis for many of their dishes. Poh’s last stop in Bangkok is to the famous street stalls of the capital where she discovers the traditions of Thai food are kept as strong and delicious as ever.

Add nahm prik pao to your next stir-fry
Gai tod nahm prik pao

Deep-fried chicken, or gai tod, is something of an obsession in Thailand. Sold from street carts, the chicken pieces – often wings or small drumsticks – are marinated in a mixture of spices and aromatics, and then dredged in rice flour, which lends an extra crispness, before being fried. This recipe is inspired by a dish from much-loved Sydney restaurant Chat Thai. After being fried, the gai tod is wok-tossed in a sauce of nahm prik pao, or Thai chilli paste. For ease, we’ve used chicken thigh pieces here.

Episode 9: The king of islands

Airs Monday 7 March at 6pm on SBS

This week Poh’s road trip takes her to King Island, where she visits a dairy farm owned by Philip and Kelly Lancaster, a third generation farming family and tries her hand at milking. Then, it’s off to the famed King Island Dairy to talk to master cheese maker Ueli Berger about the island’s renowned cheeses. Poh’s King Island experience is distilled into her recipe for kefir, a fermented milk drink that she discovers on the island. She then uses the island’s wonderful cheddar cheese for a soufflé and an apple pie with a cheese crust to be topped off with a dollop of King Island cream.


Episode 10: Too much coffee

Airs Tuesday 8 March at 6pm on SBS

Poh is in Melbourne to find out why this city takes its coffee so seriously. Poh meets barista Claude Sawaya who runs her through the ‘do’s and don’ts of a good coffee, and meets the Aussie who was the runner-up in last year’s World Barista Championship. Then it’s a visit to a restaurant where food matching is all about the coffee and not the wine. To accompany all this coffee there’s a recipe for baklava, plus Poh makes an affogato and then, to top it all off, creates her lime and hazelnut coffee cupcake, the ultimate dessert to enjoy with your coffee.

Vegan coffee hit
Vanilla latte squares

A different take on the morning latte, this little version is the perfect way to start the day (after your smoothie, of course!)


Episode 11: Wild beef

Airs Wednesday 9 March at 6pm on SBS

This week Poh’s road trip takes her to WA’s remote East Kimberley — cattle country. Poh travels to Lake Kununurra where she meets Florian Johnen, a German who came to the Kimberleys as a backpacking chef and never left. Set on the edge of the lake, the restaurant where Florian works is a converted pump house and like his ‘beef in potato towers’, it brings a wonderful layer of sophistication to this remote place. Perhaps Poh’s greatest joy in the Kimberley is her discovery of the boab tree, and baby boab root in particular. She finds that the root of can be used in salads or cooked, and that it’s even farmed. Poh’s so impressed, she creates her own stir-fry to showcase this delicacy. 


Episode 12: Chocolate and cake

Airs Thursday 10 March at 6pm on SBS

While Poh loves to bake a cake, what she loves even more is to decorate it! This week she’s off to Perth to meet Rochelle Adonis, a woman who has decorated cakes for clients like the British and Saudi royal families. As well as cooking and decorating, Poh also loves to paint and she gets to combine both when she catches up with her friend chef Emmanuel Mollois. Emmanuel has recently been to France to study chocolate and sugar decoration. He gleefully shows Poh all he has learnt including how to paint with cocoa butter to create stunning and edible chocolate decorations. Given all that she has discovered in Perth, Poh celebrates by creating her fudgy pink forest cake with chocolate trees which she presents to Emmanuel.

Poh's chocolate cake with a twist
Totally Unicorn beetroot cake

"If you’re turning up your nose at what seems like an unlikely marriage, try it first. The combination of earthy beets, bitter with smoky dark chocolate and slightly salty cream cheese is heavenly! Totally Unicorn is a heavy metal band and my brother-in-law, Mikey, is their illustrious drummer. Whenever they go on tour and stay with us, this is what they get for supper after a night of intense head banging." Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co.

Episode 13: The far, far north

Airs Friday 11 March at 6pm on SBS

On Poh’s final road trip for the series she’s in Far North Queensland and luckily she has her friend, Elton along with her as a guide. Elton’s father’s people are the Tablelands Yidinji and on the banks of the beautiful Barron river on the Atherton Tablelands they make Poh feel like part of the family as they catch and cook one of their favourites — local eel. Poh tracks down two vanilla growers, Mary and Russell Spanton, and gains a whole new appreciation for vanilla when she sees what a true labour of love growing it is. Poh honours the vanilla with the delicious simplicity of a crème caramel.


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Asam laksa

This recipe is from Poh Ling Yeow, TV host, chef and ambassador for Malaysia Kitchen.