Pati Jinich brings authentic Mexican flavors, colours and warmth to home kitchens. In each episode she journeys through the country where she was born and raised, then shares recipes that capture Mexico's rich history and her own experiences as a food writer, cooking teacher and mother of three.
3 Oct 2016 - 12:38 PM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2018 - 2:20 PM

Meet Pati
"My family are food maniacs. I'm just trying to keep up."
We're talking tacos, tortillas and why Mexican food is always, always fun with the star of Pati's Mexican Table.

Episode guide season 3

301: Born in The Kitchen

Pati travels to Mexico City to reconnect with her father and help him cook one of her favorite childhood meals: Huevos a la Mexicana. Back in her own kitchen, she’ll use that visit as inspiration to cook a few dishes that she remembers fondly from childhood and then pass on the tradition by cooking dessert with her youngest son Juju.

Shredded steak with potatoes in green salsa (Carne en salsa verde con papitas)

Mexican rice with prawns (Arroz rojo con camarones gigantes)

Orange vanilla flan (Flan de naranja con vainilla)


302: Pati's Texican 

Inspired by her years living in Texas, Pati creates a series of dishes that combine her passion for Mexican cuisine and her favorite foods of America’s Lone Star State. Her oldest son Alan, who was born in Texas and is fully Tex-Mex, joins her in the kitchen.

Tex-Mex chili 

Poblano, bacon & cheddar skillet corn bread (Pan de elote de cazuela con poblanos, tocino y queso Cheddar)

Fill these donas de chocolate Mexicano with dulce de leche, jam or chocolate spread.

303: My Three Favourite Boys

This episode is all about Pati’s boys — it’s time for a little mother/son bonding. First, Pati takes Alan, Sami, and Juju to their favorite place to have fun, and then for lunch, the boys will pick their absolute favorite dishes. The only hitch? They have to give their mother a hand as she prepares each dish.

"My most favorite to be in the whole wide world is my kitchen. I think that's where my family and I spend 90 per cent of our time."

304: Meals in a Minute

Pati is a busy "mom" on the go. If you’re a mother who likes to cook for your family and take your kids to school, practice and everywhere else, you need a few quick and easy meals in your arsenal. Pati’s oldest sister Karen, who has older kids, shares a few tips as they visit her restaurant in Mexico City. Then, back at home, Pati shows us some of her go-to weekly dishes. 

Tortilla soup (Sopa de tortilla)

Tuna minilla casserole (Cazuela de minilla de Atún

Triple lime pound cake  

Papaya cocktail or relish


305: Family Fiesta

Everyone knows that Mexican food is great for a party. In this episode, Pati invites some of her son’s friends (and their parents) over to her house and makes some of her popular fiesta dishes — perfect for any party! In Mexico, she travels to the town of Quiroga, known as the Carnitas Capital of the World, where she’ll show us one of her absolute favorite treats: The REAL Mexican Gazpacho! 


Raw salsa verde with avocado 

Morelia-style fruit salad (Gazpacho Moreliano)

Grilled pineapple margarita


306: American Classics, My Way

Pati takes some classic American meals and gives them an exotic yet homey Mexican twist. Plus, take a look as Pati helps make and then devours one of Mexico’s famed hot dogs, at Richard’s in Morelia.

Mac ‘N' cheese Mexicano 

Chipotle agave chicken wings 

Extreme brownies with caramelised pecans

Caramelised pecans

307: Sugar for Hubby

When you’re a busy mother to three boys and you have a job, you have to make an effort to set aside time for just you and the hubby. So today, Pati is preparing a special meal for a date night with her husband, Dany. And since he loves seafood, she’s going to make seafood dishes for their romantic night in. A trip down to the state of Michoacán, where Pati meets the Butterfly Net Fishermen, helps the inspiration.

Shrimp cocktail Pacifico 

Rodrigo-style fish 

Nana Jose’s flourless chocolate pecan cake


308: Asian Influences in Mexican Cooking 

Latin-Asian fusion is hot right now, but Asian immigrants have been influencing traditional Mexican cuisine for centuries. Pati goes food shopping with her good friend chef Janet Yu and gets inspired to create a menu full of Asian-inspired Mexican meals.

Amaranth and panko crispy chicken with a sweet & spicy crema dipping sauce 

Green beans with peanuts & chile de Arbol 

Five-spice pecan plum empanadas 

Sriracha mezcal cocktail


309: Pot Luck Party

It’s Pot Luck Party day at Pati’s house! Today, she’s having some friends over and this time everyone’s contributing to the meal — no one shows up empty-handed. Pati also welcomes home a design expert, who is bringing along one of her favorite Cuban recipes.

Dressed up Mexican beer

Crab, cucumber and jicama salad 

Papa rellenas with avocado sauce 

Beef barbacoa sliders

Drunken pasilla, prune and orange salsa


310: Brunch at the Jinich House

Breakfast is Mexico’s favorite meal, and it’s also the Jinich family’s favorite! It’s Sunday, and Pati is up early in the kitchen as the rest of the family sleeps in. She’s hard at work creating a full, three-course menu of some of her family’s preferred Mexican breakfast dishes to enjoy ‘round the table on a lazy morning.

Spiced sweet Mexican coffee 

Mexican-style gravlax with coriander and tequila

Huevos rancheros with zucchini

Yucatán-style French toast


311: Mexitalian!

Pati has tons of fun in her kitchen creating a full menu featuring the perfect blend of Italian and Mexican cuisine. Two cuisines that have managed to mingle in Mexican homes for centuries.

Fish over fennel salad with a jalapeño and olive salsa 

Guajillo and garlic pasta 

Cucumber martini


312: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Pati invites a few of her girlfriends over for a much needed “girls’ night in.” But these girls are here to GRILL! Grilling isn’t just a guy thing — Pati’s got a great outdoor grill, and she’s gonna put it to work by cooking up a mouth-watering menu of Mexican food with a BBQ twist. One of Pati’s sisters shows up to help her mix some drinks, too!

Honey chipotle ribs 

Spinning top cocktail 

Mango guacamole with grilled tortilla wedges 

Grilled romaine and capsicum with ancho chile vinaigrette and cheese


313: My Piñata Party

What better way to end the season than with a big party? Pati throws a neighborhood bash and cooks up the easiest and best Mexican-themed dishes that would be a huge hit at any party. And what better accessory to a Mexican fiesta than a giant piñata? Pati also gets the chance to visit a piñata maker in the central market of Morelia.

Watermelon, tomatillo & mozzarella skewers

Red pozole with traditional garnishes (Pozole rojo)

Mixed melon, lime and coconut agua fresca 

Tres leches & strawberry Mexican gelatin 


Episode guide season 4

401: Good Morning Mexico!

Pati is on the road in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a pretty, tourist-friendly vacation town in the state of Guanajuato, known for its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, art galleries and, of course, a wide range of delicious eats. This week, Alan, Sami and Juju have a break from school, so she and Dany brought them along! In this episode, the Jinich family has just arrived in San Miguel, and Pati has decided to kick off the week with a delicious breakfast. But first, she wants to introduce us to San Miguel.

Juju’s fruit smoothie

Big brunch enchiladas

Black beans from the pot

Warm nopalitos with sauteed corn and guajillo


402: Adventures in San Miguel

San Miguel de Allende has lots of opportunities for rest and relaxation, but today Pati is after for one thing - FOOD!  From street food to fine dining, San Miguel has always been one of Mexico’s top culinary destinations. Pati is going to show us the highlights of the food scene, then she’ll head back to the kitchen to cook up recipes that reflect the region.

Fish with plums, pasilla and tequila

Orange blossom rice with pepitas

Chardonnay mango pecan tart

Chardonnay mango tart


403: Taco Night!

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy tacos, and Pati is constantly trying to impress her boys with new twists on traditional taco recipes. Her sons love tacos so much that the Jinichs family have made a regular taco night a family tradition.

Homemade corn tortillas

Tacos de canasta (basket tacos)

Tacos al Pastor

Tomatillo quick salsita

Tacos al pastor.

404: Summer Evening Party

It’s the end of a great week in San Miguel, so Pati and her family decide to have a summer evening party – the perfect end to a fun family vacation. First, she’ll head to a few places in San Miguel for ingredients, plus and a local winery. Back home she’ll cook a big, celebratory family dinner to be enjoyed on their patio, while the sun sets over the city.

Cherry tomato & red wine jam

Citrus chicken with carrots and baby potatoes

Capsicum, cucumber and chickpea salad

Vanilla custard (jericalla)


405: Tamaliza!

An episode dedicated to one of Mexico’s most iconic foods: tamales. Pati will cook a few variations of tamales, both savory and sweet, then her girlfriends stop by for a tamal party - a tamaliza!

Cooked salsa verde

Chicken in green salsa tamal

Chicken in green salsa tamal casserole

Sweet corn tamales (uchepos)

Fresh from the garden green rice

Mexican masa chocolate drink (champurrado)


406: Mexamericana

Pati’s family is the perfect example of cultures colliding – Mexican and American. The happy result is the creation of unique and tasty recipes in the kitchen on a daily basis. In this episode, Pati dives deep into the blending of these cultures and comes up with some classic American recipes with a delicious Mexican twist.

Mexican crab cakes with jalapeño aioli

Poblano, corn and zucchini pizza

Carne asada and cebollitas pizza

Chorizo burgers

407: Cooking with the Fans

Pati is in constant contact with her fans – through Facebook, Twitter, email – and they love to give her feedback on her recipes. In this episode, Pati will update and put new spins on her three most popular recipes according to the fans. And she’ll surprise a lucky fan by showing up at his or her house!

Tart pico de guac

Chipotle chicken pasta casserole

Marbled tres leches cake


408: Street Food Favorites

Street food has always been popular, but these days it’s booming as more and more chefs are bringing food trucks and stands to the streets! In this episode, Pati visits the city of Guanajuato, known for having some of the best street food in all of Mexico, to highlight some of her favorites. Then, she shows us how we can recreate some of them in our own kitchens.

Cooked and seasoned corn (esquites)

Miner-style enchiladas

Homemade cajeta (or dulce de leche)


409: Sami’s Big Day

This show is all about Pati’s middle son, Sami. Being stuck in the middle of first-born Alan, and Mr. Personality himself, Juju, isn’t always easy for Sami. Every once in a while, Pati likes to give Sami a day all to himself, and he’ll help her as she cooks his absolute favorite foods!

Sami’s smashed baby potatoes

Chipotle salmon, cacon and avocado Sandwich

Nothing like homemade cookies


410: Modern Mexico

Mexican cuisine is full of long-standing traditional recipes and techniques. But there are many chefs bringing new ideas to the table, giving a modern twist to Mexican cooking. In this episode, Pati meets two chefs in Mexico City who are putting modern spins on this age-old cuisine. She then taps into that creativity to show us her ideas for how we can “modernize” our Mexican kitchen. 

Boston lettuce salad with avocado dressing and spicy pumpkin seeds

Beef and veggie mole stew

Chocolate cookies with hibiscus flowers


411: Family Favorites

Every family has passed-down recipes, and Pati’s family is certainly no exception. Food has always been a central part of her family life, both while she was growing up and today with her own family. She’ll show us a couple recipes that were passed down to her, as well as the one recipe that always makes her own family happy - the recipe that she hopes to pass down to her sons. Also, meet Pati’s mom and sister, Sharon, as Pati joins them for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants in Mexico City.

Chillies rellenos

Drunken rice with chicken

Meringue cake with whipped cream and strawberries


412: Baked!

Mexican cuisine is chock-full of grilled, roasted, fried and frozen recipes, but for those looking to expand their repertoire with some baked recipes, this episode is for you! Today, Pati’s Mexican Table becomes Pati’s Mexican Bakery with a variety of simple baked recipes.   

Baked egg casserole

Salsa ranchera

Dulce de leche (cajeta) and pecan cinnamon rolls

Baked fruit mixiote


413: Backyard Picnic

Pati is throwing a picnic for family and friends in her backyard. She’ll make some of her favorite “picnic foods” and serve everyone outside picnic-style. It also happens to be her husband Dany’s birthday, so a big surprise is in store!

Crazy chicken and plaintain burgers

Sandwich rollups

Potato and poblano rajas salad

Mango puff

Grapefruit and guava spritzer

more from pati
Pati's tacos al pastor

At a taco stand, tacos al pastor are made from seasoned meat stacked high on a vertical rotisserie. You probably don't have a vertical rotisserie! But don't worry, I'm going to show you an easy way to make this right in your own kitchen. 

Mexican wedding cookies (polvorones)

They come in many flavours, from plain, pecan and peanut to vanilla and cinnamon – even chocolate. I go for pecans. The name polvorón seems to come from the word polvo, which translates to dust or powder. Maybe because these cookies break into the finest of crumbs the moment they touch your mouth.

Lamb barbacoa in adobo

Barbacoa is one of those iconic Mexican foods: juicy, tender meat infused with a rustic, smoky flavour and a jungle-like fragrance that falls of the bones. It uses a cooking technique that began in ancient times, long before the Spanish arrived, and lives on to this day across Mexico, especially rooted in the central part of the country, where I grew up. Barbacoa sounds much like barbecue. The word comes from Spanish, but the Mexican way is completely different: meat is wrapped tightly in banana leaves, cooked for many (many!) hours in an underground pit and finally steamed and cooked overnight. You don’t need a pit; just cook it in an oven while you are tucked away in bed. Then, shred the meat in big chunks, have the vegetables on the side, invite some friends over and start making some tacos – there is a lot to share here.

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