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Luke Nguyen is back in a brand-new 13-part series! This time he traces his life and career from where it all started in Sydney, moving to Saigon and then onto Hong Kong.
2 Mar 2018 - 9:43 AM  UPDATED 19 Oct 2020 - 4:13 PM

Episode 1

Aired Thursday 15 March at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Luke explores and reminisces about his childhood growing up in Cabramatta. He meets with his high school friend Thai to cook a traditional Vietnamese curry. Luke then takes us behind the scenes at his Sydney restaurant and cooks mouth-watering pork belly as well as a coconut milk fish.


Roast pork belly

Pan-fried mulloway in lemongrass and chilli

Vietnamese chicken curry

Luke introduces Lynne, Kian and Kohl to his childhood friend, Thai outside his shop in Cabramatta.

Episode 2

Aired Thursday 22 March at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Luke takes us behind the scenes of his latest venture in Sydney, Fat Noodle. He explores his innovate machinery and high tech kitchen before meeting up with Head Chef Kenji to cook popular recipes from their menu. At the Sydney Fish Markets, Luke meets with Executive Chef Chase Kojima and they plate up a kingfish ceviche before meeting with Alan Benson, the photographer for his next book and spoiler alert - scallops make the cut.


Salt & pepper silken tofu

Penang flat-fried noodles

Kingfish miso ceviche

Seared scallops with brown butter sauce and sea urchin

Scallops with burnt butter sauce and sea urchin

Episode 3

Aired Thursday 29 March at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Luke visits the Blue Mountains in NSW. Overlooking the majestic ranges, Luke cooks seared lamb cutlets with an Asian salsa verde and then meets up with an old friend over a stunning high tea.


Lamb cutlet with Asian salsa verde


Episode 4

Aired Thursday 5 April at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

On the sunshine coast of Australia, Luke meets with a local fisherman to learn about where his produce comes from and they go out netting for spanner crabs, which he then turns into a refreshingly light salad. In Brisbane, Luke visits his restaurant with Head Chef Sarah as she cooks her Korean chicken, before heading to meet Yoshiki Sadahisa to learn the fine art of preparing gyoza.


Korean sizzling chicken

Whole barramundi with green papaya salad

Harajuku pork gyoza

Spanner crab salad

Spanner crab salad

Episode 5

Aired Thursday 12 April at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Luke completes his visit to Brisbane and heads to Saigon where he spends time with his family. He visits his Mum and Aunty 8 in Hoc Mon before cooking a traditional feast to present as an offering to his grandfathers grave, a significant day with his immediate family.


Prawn crispy egg noodle stir-fry

Beef in tamarind broth

Saigon sticky pork pie

Episode 6

Aired Thursday 19 April at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

When he’s not busy running his restaurants and has a day off, Luke likes to explore places away from the city hustle and bustle. In this episode, he explores Vung Tau a coastal town finding different delicacies on each corner. 


Grilled clams in spring onion oil

Mud crab in tamarind and chilli sauce

Luke exploring a night street market in Saigon.

Episode 7

Aired Thursday 26 April at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

With Luke’s busy life it’s important to find the work-life balance. Devoting Sunday as a family day, he explores the outdoors and the variety of restaurants Saigon has to offer. He cooks up several dishes and entertains his friend with a dinner party favourite of banh xeo.


Banh xeo

This sizzling Vietnamese crepe is the snack of your dreams
Easy to make and even easier to eat, banh xeo is the perfect dinner party favourite.

Episode 8

Aired Thursday 3 May at 8pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Luke takes us to his top 3 traditional pho restaurants in Saigon and explains the differences between the styles of pho broth found throughout Vietnam. Luke then takes us behind the scenes at Grain, his cooking school in Saigon, where he aims to educate others on Vietnamese cooking. We get an inside look at his cooking studio classes cooking some impressive, yet simple traditional delights with pumpkin flowers, fish, prawns and his favourite nuoc cham sauce. 


Sea bass wrapped in banana leaf

Hanoi-style beef pho

Beef pho wrapped in rice noodle

Pumpkin flowers with prawn and dill

Pumpkin flowers stuffed with prawn and dill

Episode 9

Aired Thursday 17 May at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Only weeks away from the grand opening, Luke takes us on a guided behind the scenes tour of his restaurant Vietnam House. The nerves have been building with the opening of Luke’s dream fine dining restaurant in Saigon.


Pan-fried pork and prawn rice paper parcels

Pork on prawn crackers with purple noodle

Sesame salmon rice paper rolls


Episode 10

Aired Thursday 24 May at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Luke hits the ground running in Hong Kong taking us to a few of his favourite spots to eat and drink in Hong Kong. Luke explores the busy city, before seeking out the best spot for milk tea as well as a traditional Hong Kong-style yum cha. 


Fried egg noodle with soy sauce

Salt and pepper crab

Online exclusive: Luke's sticky sesame dumplings

Luke and Lynne enjoying Dim Sum at Choi Lung Teahouse

Episode 11

Aired Thursday 31 May at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Inspired by his Hakka heritage tracing back to Hong Kong, Luke wanted to influence Vietnamese cuisine in Hong Kong by combining flavours from all over Vietnam and so, he opened his restaurant Moi Moi  in the heart of Hong Kong. Luke then meets up with a few locals who share their knowledge for yellow wine chicken and Hakka stuffed tofu amongst the countryside. 


Aunty 5 pork and prawn rice cakes

Braised pork belly with 63° egg

Hakka rice wine yellow chicken

Hakka stuffed bean curd

Quail egg su mai.

Episode 12

Aired Thursday 7 June at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

Exploring the traditional style of Cantonese specialities, Luke hikes to a dim sum house where he helps prepare some of their most popular dim sum and steamed rolls with dried shrimp. Travelling down the coast to Yin Yang Coastal he meets private kitchen dining chef, Margaret Xu, who shares her secrets to her traditional yellow earth chicken, roasted out of her terracotta pot in her private kitchen.


Margaret Xu's yellow earth chicken

Luke travels to Hong Kong's Lantau Island...

Episode 13

Aired Thursday 14 June at 8 pm on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand.

This week, Luke cooks a traditional Chinese XO sauce from scratch and pairs with clams. He then seeks out some more hidden hotspots within the city of Hong Kong and that includes a popular weekend dim sum brunch to a tiny street food kitchen that does 6000 covers a night!

What is XO sauce and why should you care?
Curiously named after cognac, this Chinese condiment is far more than a chilli hit. With its long list of ‘luxury ingredients’ XO packs a punch.


Clams in XO sauce

Cantonese rice noodles with wagyu beef


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