• Sine Benjaphorn's prawn cracker cosplay dress is everything. (Instagram | framsook_lek_lek)Source: Instagram | framsook_lek_lek
It turns out wearing prawn crackers, shiitake mushrooms and jackfruit can be surprisingly glamorous.
Bron Maxabella

25 May 2018 - 2:03 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2018 - 2:49 PM

Jessadakarn "Sine" Benjaphorn launched onto the world stage a couple of years ago in a cosplay dress made entirely from prawn crackers. Benjaphorn, from Ratchaburi in Thailand, created the cracking dress to parody a gown Chompoo Araya wore at Cannes Film Festival.

While Araya’s Ralph & Russo dress was a blush pink ball gown with ribbon ruffles, Sine's was constructed using more than 50 bags of prawn crackers. The hilarious dress was a solid mix of glamorous and WTF... and, it turned out, was surprisingly practical too.

“I have a lot of fun making every costume, and me and my relatives eat them afterwards,” Sine recently told Bored Panda.

Celebrity influence

Sine, from Ratchaburi City in Thailand, initially started her low-cost cosplay idea to promote her  plus-size clothing business, Framsook Lek Lek on Instagram.

“I just put the clothes in my shop together to imitate the celebrities,” she told Coconuts Bangkok. “My friends and family think it’s funny. They asked me: ‘How did you even think of that?!’”



Since the prawn cracker dress went viral, Sine has created a variety of clever food parodies of local and international celebrities. These include a cheeky sausage take on Kim Jong-un; a meat homage to Riahanna’s extra-ruffled Met Gala 2017 winner; and a send up of Katy Perry’s costume for her Roar music video.

“I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my costumes,” says Sine.

Big business

It’s not just politicians and celebrities who have met their foodie doppelgänger. Businesses have also received Sine's signature creative treatment. Her take on the Starbucks logo, for example, featured a fish crown with flowing petai hair. It greatly amused her fans, who understandably called for her to become the new face of the Starbucks brand.

Through humour and irreverence, plus-size champ Sine subtly includes a body-positive message in many of her creations. For instance, she once used a six-pack of milk buns to represent the ludicrous abdominal muscles on a Manga-style cartoon.

Other characters she has sent up include Disney princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid (looking stunning with chilli hair, a lettuce dress and maxi-pad armbands), and Darth Vader, who looks somewhat less menacing with a toast mouth grill and a bento box of sushi hanging around his neck.

Foodie inspiration

Sine has used shiitake mushrooms, jackfruit, prawns, chilli, bananas, waffles and even chicken wings to create an immediate juxtaposition with the highly-styled celebrity looks she parodies.

Her latest look used more than 25 kilograms of jackfruit  to recreate a stunning gown to rival the prawn cracker triumph. Later, when she shared an image of her fridge stacked full of the fruit, it gave an insight into just how creative this lady’s vision actually is.

Twenty-five kilos of Jackfruit without a little Sine magic, isn’t glamorous at all.

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