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Escape the cold this winter and learn the secrets to cheesemaking with a fine glass of Cab Sauv in hand... trust us on this one!
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13 Jun 2018 - 11:14 AM  UPDATED 26 Jul 2018 - 9:44 PM

If you love to cook and love to eat then make sure you jump on the bandwagon for the second round of Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen as he scratches the surface of Margaret River and its surrounds. #awestcoastgetaway

Here's what you can expect in his Coastal Kitchen - cheese and wine are high up on this to-do list!

Mediterranean vibes

With mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers, Margaret River's Meditteranean climate makes it ideal for holiday lovers far and wide as well as prime conditions for juicy grape production - and you know what that means? Knock, knock, knockin' on cellars doors. With over 200 grape growers across the region, it should come as no surprise that 20 percent of our Australian vino is from over that side.

Bravo, to keeping that doctor away

Manjimup is the home of the Pink Lady and now, the Bravo. It's deep red, super-crunchy and it gets its sweetness from the introduction of The Royal Gala. And if you like your apples crunchy then keep them in the fridge, says Nicole Giblet of Newton Orchards who, along with her family, have been leading the charge for unique Aussie apple.

Daily workouts feature cheese

Sneak peek into the fridges of Cambray Cheese and you'll see a fine selection of hard cheeses all maturing at different rates. The younger cheeses don't have their coating yet and every day each cheese is taken out for a twirl. 

Free hot showers on the d-floor

Using a system developed by French innovator Jean Pain, Fair Harvest has developed their own compost shower which provides hot water for the outdoor shower for ten or more months at a time. Using 100 percent wood chips, they build the compost pile layer by layer, making sure to jump and dance to keep it compact.

Bread for dessert 

Ever wondered what to do with your leftover sourdough? How about an old-fashioned English bread pudding? This is just one of the many recipes you'll be salivating over along the way. It's rich, flavoursome and very economical to make - dessert inspo on all fronts!

Sourdough bread pudding

Seaside real estate

Ocean Grown Abalone begins with a young man, his curiosity and the wild ocean. After close to 20 years of researching, developing and inventing a new technology, the 'abitat' was born - artificial reefs that are placed in the ocean and left to nature to grow for two to three years. The abalone produced from the sea ranch is identical to the highly sought after wild catch product and do you want to know the secret to keeping your abalone juicy? Cook it quickly and eat it straight away. Peter goes diving with owner Brad Adams and plucks a few off for lunch to cook up during the series... stay tuned!

Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen starts 8pm, Thursday 21 June on SBS and then you can catch-up on SBS On Demand. Visit the program page for recipes, videos and more.

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