• Donald Trump immortalised in sandwich form on Twitter by @m52_official. (Twitter)
It’s called #kunstgeschichtealsbrotbelag, and it’s taking off.
Lucy Rennick

7 Sep 2018 - 9:45 AM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2018 - 9:44 AM

It’s heartening to know that even in these dark and trying times of leadership spills, “controversial” tennis outfits and guilty pleas, you can find Donald Trump immortalised in sandwich form on Twitter.

Emerging from Germany is #KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag, a phrase that, when punched into Google Translate, means “art history as a sandwich” in English. Where has this hashtag been all our sandwich-eating lives?

People have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show the world their creations, inspired by famous works of art – only slightly breadier than the originals.

There’s Twitter user @ennopark’s reimagining of an Andy Warhol masterpiece, Marilyn’s Wurstbrot with Mustard.

One Jackson Pollock imitator, meanwhile, has created an action painting that you can eat.

Then there's a near-perfect version of The Starry Night, which is kind of too good to digest:

The hashtag took off after German blogger Marie Sophie Hingst posted a picture of her humble lunch (wholemeal bread, cheese, tomatoes and blueberries), saying it reminded her of Piet Mondrian’s primary coloured images.

 Afterwards came Girl with a Pearl Earring, made with rye bread, pear, eggplant and sausage.

There were plenty of nods to the abstract movement.

Here's a portrait of Paula Modersohn-Becker made of cheese, sausage and lard:

And even a Bansky.

The Instagram community responded, too: 

"I'm speechless, that was just a joke and now everyone is turning the internet into a gigantic, colourful bread and suddenly there is art everywhere", says Hingst of her recent viral fame. "I am convinced that art can bring people together like nothing else."

Art is a sandwich, a sandwich is art. What will the Twitter hive mind think of next?

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