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What a week in food. Stay in the loop this weekend with the sandwich taking Instagram by storm, 600kgs of butter chicken, and a pantry item to rival tahini. Here are the top headlines… #WeekendBinge
Camellia Ling Aebischer

9 Aug 2019 - 6:29 PM  UPDATED 12 Aug 2019 - 1:02 PM

Since you’ve been so good all week, we have a few treats up our sleeves to binge on this weekend. Feel like a cooking project? You bet we’ve got the right dish. Want to venture out for a new snack? We've got your back. In need of a social clip to laugh at? Even better!

Hope you’ve got an appetite because here is your weekly serving of what to read, eat, watch and feed this week in the world of the food-obsessed. Just bring yourself.


The patissier who learnt to make Arabic sweets at a refugee camp

Adam Liaw travelled to the Zaatari refugee camp, 12km from Syria’s border and met Hassan. Hassan was trained by a chef who also lived in the camp when it was established and ran this sweets shop. A few years ago, the chef passed away in the camp and Hassan took over the business and put into practice all the teachings and skills he had learnt.


5 ways you can help tackle poverty with food

This business serves 600kgs of butter chicken each week

Carbon-neutral beef: Is it the guilt-free steak for the environmentally-aware?



Move over tahini, have you tried zhi ma jiang?

What if the beloved sesame paste, tahini, could take on the toasty depth of a roasted nut? Well, it can and does.

Meet zhi ma jiang, or roasted sesame paste, an ingredient widely used in Chinese cooking from a sauce addition to noodles, as a salad dressing, or in desserts. It has a deep roasted flavour similar to peanut butter, but with significant sesame punch. Thank you Maillard reaction.


Is this Melbourne’s best laksa?

Somewhere between fudge and ganache is Brazilian brigadeiro




The Chefs’ Line Season 2

Get around the action for free on SBS On Demand. Recipes, how-to guides and flavourful know-how can all be found on our program website. Watch as restaurant chefs go up against four home cooks judged by the terrific trio, Dan Hong, Mark Olive and Melissa Leong.



Chocolate self-saucing pudding

This weekend might be chilly, so we've got an extra layer you can throw on and it's in the form of this classic chocolate self-saucing pudding recipe sure to keep you cosy and your tastebuds happy as well. 

Dreams are made of this...


The surprising story behind the 'it' sandwich ruling Instagram



We don’t know what’s going on over in Miami but whatever it is, send it our way! File this one under - stressed and impressed.


What in the world?!

Last week: Russian dushpera, Central Asia’s answer to tortellini, filled with a beef/lamb mix.


This Central Asian version of tortellini or keplach is called dushpera. They're small dumplings served in chicken stock with lemon, lots of fresh herbs, chickpeas and dried sour cherries – wonderful! 

Can you guess this dish? The answer will be revealed in next Friday’s instalment of Weekend Binge.

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