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Order in a mystery bag of European favourites with our list of takeaway-friendly cuisines.
Camellia Ling Aebischer

14 May 2020 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2020 - 2:36 PM

This Saturday night is Eurovision 2020: Big Night In!, so what better way to celebrate than with a small gathering of friends or family under the required state-appointed limit.

During COVID, people have come up with all sorts of creative ways to make fun and stay occupied. Some are baking sourdough loaves of bread, others have dress-up dinner parties. At my place, we gamble our Friday night dinners away, leaving meal decisions in the hands of others. I call it takeaway roulette.

The rules are simple:

1. Choose a spending limit (around $20-30 does the trick).

2. Each person in the room silently orders whatever they want within that limit before an allocated cut-off time (say 6:30pm).

3. Then, sit back and enjoy the mixed bag, trying to guess who ordered what.

One highlight combination from my house included: vegan fried 'chicken' with chips, a whole steamed crab, sweet and sour cauliflower with naan, an eggplant halal snack pack and a 1L tub of pistachio ice cream.

The rules are simple: choose a spending limit (around $20-30 does the trick). Each person in the room silently orders whatever they wish within that limit.

It’s an easy win for spicing up Friday nights, and in light of SBS’s brand-new program, Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! which airs this Saturday night at 7:30pm, I’ve created a list of participating countries that have cuisine listings on delivery apps across most major Australian cities.

Also, if everyone orders the same thing - then you know your friends are clearly on the same food wavelength as you and leftovers are never a bad thing.

The Eurovision rules are as follows

Like all good gambling games, this one starts with complete chance. Write each of the below countries on a small piece of paper, scrunch it up, and place it in a bowl.

6pm: Have your guests cover their eyes and choose a piece of paper from the bowl, nominating their country and cuisine. Make sure they keep it a secret.

6:15pm: Once everyone has a country, set your spending limit. It’s up to you if this includes delivery, but to keep it fair I always opt to include it.

6:30-6:45pm: Set an ordering window to make sure the food all comes at roughly the same time, and to put the pressure on. Allow at least 45 minutes to be safe.

Once the ordering window has closed, sit back and wait for the feast to arrive.

7:15pm: As the dishes arrive, try and guess which cuisine they match, and who ordered them.

7:30pm: Tune in to Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! on SBS and enjoy your feast.

In case you needed more convincing, you can feel good supporting local business and not having to party prep a dozen snack foods from across Europe. Below is a list of cuisines that are most likely to feature across food delivery apps in major Australian cities. If someone is struggling to find the right thing to order, just allow them to re-draw.


Eurovision takeaway roulette list (to print or copy)

With suggestions

Without suggestions

Australia (your interpretation)

Azerbaijan (rice pilaf, dolmades, kebabs)

Belgium (fries, mussels)

Cyprus (halloumi, souvlaki)




Hungary (chimney cake)

Israel (falafel, hummus)


Malta (pastizzi)

Portugal (chicken, tarts)

Russia (vodka?)

San Marino (hint: micro-state inside Italy)


United Kingdom (fish and chips)















San Marino


United Kingdom



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SBS is excited to announce a week-long festival of Eurovision from 10-17 May. Tune in for Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! on SBS, Saturday 16 May 2020, 7:30pm.

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