I’d like to draw your attention to this cracker recipe by Bakeproof columnist, Anneka Manning that has been hiding in the depths of the SBS Food website.
Camellia Ling Aebischer

17 Jul 2020 - 1:48 PM  UPDATED 22 Oct 2020 - 5:59 PM

Parmesan lovers, listen up. This cracker recipe from the Bakeproof column by Anneka Manning has been laying low on the SBS Food platform for too long.

After a recent dive into cracker making, and a handful of experiments with shortcut cooking, I noticed this recipe incidentally is a cracker, only has four ingredients, and is so simple you can remember it off by heart. The Play With Your Food section felt like it's time to shine.

Before we dive in, I need to mention, these crackers are shatteringly crisp and so packed with parmesan flavour you’ll think they’re made with 100% cheese.

You can find Anneka’s fabulous recipe right here, and below the way I made it.

Gluten-free Parmesan crackers

These more-ish crackers pack a punch when it comes to flavour, and you'd never guess they were gluten-free. Serve on their own or with a soft fresh cheese, such as a goat’s curd or ricotta.

How to make Anneka Manning's parmesan crackers

This recipe uses almond meal in place of flour for a gluten/wheat/grain-free biscuit. It also creates a nice crumbly cracker texture and subtle richness. To that add the parmesan, an egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil.

Don't recognise the bench top? Don't worry, it's still me, just in a new location.

I took the lazy route and just threw all the ingredients in a bowl, mixed around and smooshed together with my hands until a smooth dough formed. It will feel quite crumbly but don’t worry if there are cracks when you roll it, it can easily be pressed back together and they’ll seal up as all the cheese bubbles together in the oven.

Split the dough in half and roll out between two baking sheets to 2-3 mm. Basically, just made them about the thickness of a chicken crimpy Shapes biscuit.

Cut into squares directly on the sheet, then bake at 200 °C for 10 mins, rotating halfway.

The recipe suggests removing scrappy edges and re-rolling but my oven never bakes crackers evenly, always burning at the edges, so I suggest leaving them on as a sacrifice.

Save all the edges for a cook's snack.

Once cooked and cooled the crackers will break apart neatly, and that’s it! Ready to top with more cheese, scoop into some baba ganouj, or even crumble up as a garnish for your pasta, honestly.

The house will be filled with parmesan crackers and your cheese-loving and coeliac friends will rejoice.

Final tip: If some of the crackers in the middle are a bit soft, put them back in the turned-off oven for a little bit which will suck up the last bit of moisture inside and dry them out.

They're SO crispy like the hardened edge of cheese that runs out the side of a loaded toastie.

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