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Learn the magic fold and you’ll have cheesy pockets of joy on hand in just 90 seconds.
Camellia Ling Aebischer

4 Aug 2020 - 2:06 PM  UPDATED 5 Aug 2020 - 1:34 PM

Our Play with your food column is no stranger to express snacks, recently highlighting India’s popular omelette bread street sandwich. If you’re short on eggs, bread, or just really lazy, this one’s a real winner and is ready in the time it takes to half-toast a piece of bread.

Not dissimilar to the buttery egg sandwich, this one came onto my radar at hour two of mindless scrolling through TikTok (see, it was worth it). It seems to be popular in the US but I feel it’s important to spread this toaster knowledge Down Under.

This snack pocket is made from a tortilla or wrap and can hold anything your heart desires. Leftover roast veg, beans and cheese, salami and spinach, or a little turkey and brie. The only trick here is in the way you fold it.

Tuck in the edges right and you’ll create a safe barrier to stop runny cheese slipping out the sides and bubbling permanently onto the inner workings of your toaster (read: don’t mess it up).

All you need is a medium-sized tortilla/wrap and some filling.

How to make a toaster-dilla

All you’ll need is 1 tortilla and anything you want to put in it – but I highly recommend that cheese is one of those things. It could also be the only thing. I used some tasty cheese, salami, and baby spinach.

Place your filling (not too much) in two places on the top and bottom vertical halves of the tortilla, leaving free space up and down the right and left sides, and a gap for folding across the middle horizontally.

Fold these sides over to meet in the middle and semi-cover your filling (they should just touch). Now fold the whole thing in half so that the filling is enclosed and everything is neatly tucked in with no cracks.

Pop it into the toaster, open side up and toast for about 60-90 seconds, which is somewhere between toaster setting 1 and 2 (just watch it, the tortilla can burn quickly), til the cheese is just melted and the outside is a lil crispy.

That’s it! Tuck in. It won’t be too hot so you can basically go from toaster to mouth.

Wrap meets sandwich meets toastie. Also good with just cheese.

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